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Department Benefits Representatives

Resources and Information

The following sections provide a variety of resources and information relevant to Department Benefits Representatives, Management Services Officers, and Payroll and Benefits Assistants. 

The Benefits Office has an email list to communicate directly with campus Department Benefits Representatives (DBRs). If you are a DBR and would like to keep apprised of DBR communications, please subscribe to the DBR listserv.

DBR Information
Who do you call
Acronyms & Abbreviations
View the list of acronyms & abbreviations.
Forms & Publications

Visit UCPath portal > Forms Library > Access Forms

Retirement Information

UCRP Employee Contribution Options
  • Retain money in plan.
  • Roll employee contributions plus interest to an IRA, your 403(b) or DCP, or another employer-sponsored plan.
  • Request a distribution and pay taxes and pay penalties, if applicable.
Retirement Savings Plans & Balances

Once separated, employees have options regarding their Defined Contribution Plan (DCP), 403(b) or 457(b) accounts. They may elect one of the following:

  • Leave their contributions in the Plan.
    • Plan balance in each Plan, must total at least $2,000.00  
    • Plan balances may not be combined.
  • Contributions may be transferred among the investment fund options online, subject to the transfer rules and processing deadlines.
  • Take a distribution.
  • Request a direct rollover to a traditional IRA or another employer-sponsored plan.
Distribution Or Rollover Account Balance

Contact Fidelity Investments at (866) 682-7787 to request a distribution or rollover retirement savings plans.

Note: Employee must be separated from employment for 30 days in order to request a distribution or rollover of funds.

Fulfillment House Orders

Fulfillment House Orders is where you can order benefits marketing materials including Welcome Packets and Disability/FMLA pamphlets.   

How to set up a Fulfillment House Account
  1. Go to the Fulfillment House website:
  2. Enter your user ID and password.
  3. Type your one-time shipping information
To Place a Fulfillment House Order
  1. Click on “Order Materials” and make your selection.
  2. You can preview your order by clicking on "Preview Order."
  3. Once your order is correct, click on "Submit Order."
  4. Retain the Order ID for future reference.
  5. You will receive an e-mail from K/P Corporation as to when your order will be shipped.
Checking the Status of an Order
  1. Go to the Main Menu, click on “Check Order Status” or you can either enter your Order ID or you can see a list of all the orders you have placed.
  2. Make your choice and then click “Go” to view the detailed order and shipment information.