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EOD Course
EOD Course Catalog

The EOD Course Catalog offers tools and resources to help you succeed and excel in your professional role at UCR through engaged learning and focused customer service.

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Learning Center
UC Learning Center

The UC Learning Center allows you to view hundreds of virtual and local learning opportunities — there’s something to suit nearly every interest and career goal.

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Learning Resources
Online Learning Resources

UCR has partnered with organizations such as Gartner, LinkedIn Learning and Deloitte to provide access to resources that provide expertise on various topics.

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Development Monthly
Professional Development Monthly

The Professional Development Monthly provides an opportunity for professional development with a focus on topics that will help you build your skills each month.

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Mentor Connection
Highlander Mentor Connection

The Highlander Mentor Connection provides UCR staff with professional development through peer-to-peer mentorship and is open to all UCR staff as either a mentor or mentee.

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Leadership Skills
Leadership Development

Leadership Development includes these leadership programs: Management Skills Assessment, People Management Certificate and Building Core Supervisory Competencies.

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UC Career
My UC Career

My UC Career is a self-directed, online career development portal available to all UC employees which provides a resource that supports employees in growing their UC career. Register and open an account today!

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Skills Library
Transferable Skills Library

The EOD team developed a Transferable Skills Library (TSL) to provide employees an opportunity to become more effective in their current roles or develop the skills needed for a future role on campus.

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UC-CORO Systemwide
Leadership Collaborative

UC has partnered with CORO to offer an experiential leadership training program designed to enhance leadership skills and foster relationships, networking and collaboration across UC.

Please check back for the 2025 program details.
UC Women's Initiative for
Professional Development

UC WI is a unique, experiential professional development program committed to enabling the full participation, success and advancement of woman-identified professionals at the University.

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Team Members
Employee and Organization Development Team

The Employee & Organizational Development offers a broad range of expertise and experience to help to you build job skills with the broad array of development programs that EOD provides.

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Remote Work
Learning Resources
EOD Remote Work Learning

To help you work within your hybrid/remote work option, Employee and Organizational Development (EOD) would like to invite you to learn about remote work learning resources available to UCR faculty and staff.

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