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Talent Acquisition

The Talent Acquisition Department's guiding principle is to provide expert recruitment services that will attract top quality staff talent for the campus in support of UCR's 2020 Strategic Plan. We strive to attract and retain a diverse and talented workforce who will contribute to the University's goals, mission and vision.

Menu of Services

Hiring is not a simple task. An efficient and effective recruitment and selection process ensures the successful hiring of qualified and diverse individuals who reflect the campus' positive image and can contribute to its growth. Careful and adequate attention must be given to each step of the process and those involved in the selection process should be properly equipped to ensure a successful hire.

Several resources to include, training, best practices and guidelines, are available to hiring managers, search committee members and support staff to assist with each step of the recruitment and selection process. In addition, the Talent Acquisition team hosts the UCR New Staff Orientation; a great way to learn about the history of UC and UC Riverside, the mission of the University, our future goals, campus growth and much more.

UC Riverside's (UCR) Human Resource's Talent Acquisition team is available to departments across campus to assist in recruiting and landing the best candidates for open positions.

When it comes to finding qualified candidates to fill highly specialized staff positions, UCR's Human Resource's Talent Acquisition team has the tools to launch a national search and hone in on finding those potential hires.

Recruitment Consultation
We are an excellent source to assist with questions regarding recruitment strategies, policy and labor market information.
Full-Cycle Recruitment
This full-service option allows our recruiters to fully own your recruitment after it is posted providing a highly professional specialized touch to all phases of the recruitment process.
Recruitment Strategy Development
Our team can build robust recruitment strategic plans that will include diverse advertising strategies for niche recruitments.
Advertising / Job Posting Consultation

UCR had contracted with JobTarget to provide online and print media advertising. Your talent acquisition consultant will be able to help you navigate the JobTarget tool by providing you with access as well as connection with an account representative for additional assistance.

For more information on JobTarget, please visit the JobTarget webpage.

Social Media
For those difficult to fill niche positions, your talent acquisition consultant can assist you with developing a social media strategy to further advertise your job via Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.
Candidate Sourcing
Your talent acquisition consultant will be ale to provide direct candidate sourcing by engaging passive candidates and providing details on UCR as well as your job opening to encourage them to apply thereby creating a pipeline of quality talent.
Applicant Reviews
If you need assistance in developing your long list by reviewing your applicant pool to the minimum qualifications, we can assist.
Interview Question Development
Let us help you develop strong behavioral-based interview questions so you can zero in on the right talent.
Phone Screens
We can create strategic phone screen questions and screen your applicants to assist you in developing your short list.
Diversity Outreach
The talent acquisition department conducts standard outreach initiatives through various community partners to increase the diversity of our applicant pools. For more information or how to participate in some of our programs, please contact your Talent Acquisition Consultant.