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UCR's Human Resource's Talent Acquisition team of Talent Acquisition Consultants (TAC) are available to departments across campus to assist in recruiting and landing the best candidates for open positions. An efficient and effective recruitment and selection process ensures the successful hiring of qualified and diverse individuals who reflect the campus' positive image and can contribute to its growth.

To ensure a successful hire, the Talent Acquisition (TA) team hosts the UCR New Staff Orientation; a great way for new staff members to learn about the history of UC and UC Riverside, the mission of the University, our future goals, campus growth and much more.

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UCR's Human Resources Talent Acquisition team offers many services to help the campus find qualified candidates to fill staff positions. Whether if its for a national or local search, UCR Talent Acquisition Consultants utilizes several resources including, training, best practices and guidelines, and are available to hiring managers, search committee members and support staff to assist with each step of the recruitment and selection process.

The Talent Acquisition's Recruitment Consultation service is an excellent source to assist with questions regarding recruitment strategies, policy and labor market information.

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