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UCR College to Career Program

The HR Talent Acquisition and Diversity Outreach team (TA) created the College to Career program as an outreach to UCR undergraduates, graduates and alumni as a means to create awareness of career opportunities on the UCR campus upon graduation. Through their long-standing relationships with campus organizations, TA can create partnership opportunities to assist students in starting their careers at UCR.

In addition to creating awareness of career opportunities at UCR, the College to Career Program will provide assistance with ongoing career workshops scheduled throughout the year. These workshops promote the understanding of the following skills:

  • Skill-building exercises in interviewing and resume writing
  • Understanding how to navigate the UCR application process
  • Learning the proper etiquette during the job search process
  • Developing skills in marketing, communications and leadership

Furthermore, the College to Career Program will help departments engage speakers for networking events and promote internship opportunities within UCR.

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College to Career - Interviewing Skills
Resume Preparation and Interviewing Skills

This new virtual workshop on resume preparation and interviewing skills will explain the different types of resumes with specific examples. In addition, the workshop will include the most important elements that highlight a job candidate's qualifications and accomplishments.

Workshop Topics
  • Create an effective resume that is well structured and fits your desired role and career goals
  • Write an effective cover letter which supplements, not repeats, your resume
  • Be able to effectively prepare for an interview

College to Career -Navigate Job Application System
How to Navigate the UCR iRecruit Staff Job Application System

This new virtual workshop on how to navigate the iRecruit Job Application system will help you to understand the UC Riverside staff jobs application process.

Workshop Topics
  • Navigating the minimum qualification requirements for each job opening
  • Learn the different types of  posted recruitments from career, limited appointments to contract positions.