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Department Benefits Representatives

The following sections provide a variety of resources and information relevant to Department Benefits Representatives (DBRs), Management Services Officers and Payroll and Benefits Assistants. 

DR - DBR Information

DBR Information

DBRs will find information that has been customized so that you are able to distribute HR Benefits information to your respective departments. To support that effort, the HR Benefits Office has an email list to communicate directly with campus Department Benefits Representatives (DBRs). If you are a DBR and would like to keep apprised of DBR communications, please subscribe to the DBR listserv.

To stay current and help your department's new employees learn about the various UC benefits, the HR Benefits Office has created a New Employee Benefits Onboarding Workshop.

COVID-19 Response from UC Health Plans

Your health care providers want to keep you informed. Please take the time now to access your health care provider website to stay current with your health plan's information relating to the COVID-19 pandemic and the medical services available to you. Keeping members informed in a timely manner about health-related news is important. You are encouraged to visit your respective plan website and if you have not already done so, click Register on the Member Portal to set up an account. To access your medical plan and their website, please visit UCnet - Medical plansTo see what UC participating medical providers offer for care and services for employees and retirees affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, visit the COVID-19 Response from UC Health Plans webpage.

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DBR Resources