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Organizational Chart Change Request

Please The following guidelines and process have been developed to help you submit your request to make any changes or updates to your college/unit organizational charts.

When to Submit

each year
  • Reminders will be sent to each organizational unit
  • You are welcome to submit updated organizational charts throughout the year as needed
Create the organizational chart in Visio format
  • You need to have Visio in order to open and download the Visio template
  • Ensure that your compatibility view setting is set to "blank" in order to view the template
  • Open and Save As to your computer in order to save your changes
Use the Template Example
  • The template will ensure consistency in appearance
  • Add your organization name
  • Include a revision date in the bottom right corner

Submittal Process

Complete the organizational chart submittal form

Organizational Chart Submittal Form

  • Open File
    • You will be prompted to open file with word - click OK
    • When file is open, select View > edit file
    • Fill in appropriate fields and save to your desktop
  • Describe specifically the appropriate change needed
  • Have the form signed/approved by the respective dean, vice chancellor, or CFAO
Send in the submittal form and organizational chart
  • Please send the submittal form and organization chart to Judy Abbey -
The request will be processed by Human Resources
  • The draft Organizational Chart(s) is then proofed by both the unit requesting the changes, and by a member of the HR team handling the website. This will ensure spelling, grammar, formatting, labeling, dates, shading, and any other items are correct
  • Prior to posting the final version of the new requested organizational chart, the Chart(s) modifications will be made at all chart levels in the system: Campus Org, College Org, Dept Org, etc.
  • Once a final version has been approved, the organizational chart will be posted under Organizational Charts on the HR website
  • All original versions will be maintained by Human Resources