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 Chancellor's Recognition of Staff
and Faculty Service Program

The Chancellor’s Recognition of Staff & Faculty Service Program recognizes the dedication and service of staff, faculty and other eligible academic personnel (all non-student academic title series that accrue service credit are eligible). The program offers meaningful awards, which recognize the commitment and contributions made to our students, the mission of the university and the community. In addition, each service award bears the insignia of the University of California, Riverside and is exclusive to each service award level.

Program Details

The administration of the program is a collaborative effort. Human Resources coordinates the program for staff while Academic Personnel coordinates the program for faculty and other eligible academics. Award ordering, engraving, quality control, packaging and delivery to a department designate is coordinated by the ScotSupply.

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Staff Service Award

Each eligible staff member will receive the following:

  • An award based on their years of service
  • A gilded emblem with the UCR insignia
  • A letter from the Chancellor
  •  A service award certificate presented at a general Staff Assembly meeting

View the Staff Recognition Award Level List.

For questions regarding award delivery/returns, contact ScotSupply.

For questions regarding the Staff Service Award, contact Demetrius Patrick at

Faculty & Eligible Academic Personnel Award

For those in non-student academic titles who accrue service credit. Each eligible faculty/academic member will receive the following:

  • An award (see the applicable table below) based on their years of service
  • A gilded emblem with the UCR insignia
  • A letter from the Chancellor

Service Awards will be delivered to the faculty/academic member's department chair or supervisor in the month that they reach their service award level.

For questions regarding eligibility, contact

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Awards Luncheon

Those staff, faculty and eligible academics reaching 30, 35, and 40-year service award levels*, will also be invited to attend an annual service award luncheon.

*Number of eligible months is calculated based on employment service credit which includes the total number of qualifying months of employment service at the University, its DOE Laboratories, and the State of California. Amount of UC Retirement Program (UCRP) service credit may be different from employment service credit. UCRP service credit can be found by logging in to the At Your Service website.

Employment Service Credit (ESC) is calculated in a different manner as compared to Retirement Service Credit (RSC), as follows:

  • ESC is automatically calculated by the Payroll/Personnel System (PPS) based on pre-defined logic. Employees who are on pay status for 50 percent or more in a month automatically accrue one month’s service credit.
  • RSC is calculated at UCOP based on actual hours on pay status. If an employee is on pay status 100% during the month, they/them will receive 100% RSC, but if an employee is on pay status 50% during the month, they/them will only receive 50% RSC.