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Recruitment Policies & Procedures


iReview is UCR's online staff equity and reclassification review system. It allows users to create, process or view equity and reclassification requests for their department or organization. iReview is fully integrated with the Job Description System (JDS). Access to iReview is controlled through the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS) and the R’Space portal. For more information on iReview, please visit the iReview webpage.


The iRecruit enterprise system allows you to manage the staff recruitment process from beginning to end. Through iRecruit you can initiate recruitments, create job descriptions and recruitment plans, obtain approvals, manage search committees and application reviews, and identify final candidates for open positions. For more information on iRecruit, please visit the iRecruit support site.

Local Recruitment Procedures

 The University of California, Riverside (University) is committed to hiring a talented workforce through recruitment practices that are fair, consistent, comply with all applicable laws and regulations and reinforce our campus commitment to the value of a diverse workforce.

Local Procedure 20
Recruitment and Promotion

Local Procedure 20 describes recruitment requirements for staff appointments in the Professional & Support Staff, Managers & Senior Professionals, and Senior Management Group personnel programs.

Local Procedure 21 Selection and Recruitment
Local Procedure 21 for selecting and appointing candidates for employment shall be used to inform the campus of the requirements and procedures to select and appoint candidates, conduct background checks, reference checks, and employment eligibility verification, as well as the employment of near relatives
UCR Core Competencies
UCR uses a set of core competencies that are utilized in all phases of the employee's life cycle. For more information about UCR Core Competencies, please be sure to visit the UCR Core Competencies webpage.

Giving Employment References

Local Procedure on Giving Employment References is to provide managers and employees information on how to determine when to give an external or internal reference check. To review Local Procedure on Giving Employment References, please visit the Policies and Procedures webpage > Other.

Staffing Agencies

In certain instances external recruiting services may be utilized for temporary works. A fee is typically associated with the use of these agencies and only those agencies which have been secured through the system wide co-primary agreements (issued by the UC Office of the President) may be engaged:

Temporary Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies (also referred to as temporary agencies) identify candidates to work on a temporary basis on a specific project or work assignment.

  • Working with a temporary staffing agency
    • The agency is responsible for recruiting, screening, conducting background checks and supervision of the assigned temporary worker
    • The agency charges a fee which is typically a percentage added to the temporary worker's hourly rate for a fixed period of time. This fee is charged for all hours worked by the temporary worker
    • The temporary worker is an employee of the agency and wages are paid through the agency
    • The Temporary Worker Guidelines provides information on identifying, placing and managing temporary worker assignments
    • The Temporary Employee Services webpage provides a list of approved agencies

    Contract information for approved agencies can be found at the UC Office of the President Purchasing Services - Agreements Database when sorting by Temporary Staffing Services. For access to the database, contact your location procurement department.

Executive Search Firms
  • Working with an executive search firm
    • UC maintains contracts with a list of approved search firms for occasional use for highly specialized executive and senior level positions
    • HR review and coordination is required to ensure that the campus meets its equal employment and affirmative action obligations when a search firm is used
    • For assistance with all use of search firms for MSP (Management and Senior Professional) or PSS (Professional Support Staff) positions, please contact the Director of Talent Acquisition.
Rehired Retiree Pool Program
  • Reemployment of UC Retired Employees

    UC retirees are a valuable resource, providing the University with institutional knowledge, research resources and experienced replacements on a short-term temporary basis when needed. Many employees, including UC, turn to their retirees to address compelling needs for specialized knowledge and experience in the workplace.

    Most rehired UC retirees work on a part-time basis and for a limited duration, which supports the orderly administration of the retirement system and the need to refresh the UC workforce.

    • The Rehired Retiree Pool program offers temporary assignments of short-term duration and will generally be established with non-exempt appointment status.
  • Reemployment of UC Retired Employees into Senior Management Group (SMG) or Staff Positions

    The policy on Reemployment of UC Retired Employees into the Senior Management Group (SMG) or Staff Positions governs the reemployment of all former UC employees; SMG members, staff personnel, and academic appointees who have separated from university employment and elected monthly retirement income or a lump sum cash out from the University of California Retirement Plan (UCRP), and who are rehired into SMG or staff positions.

    The policy includes the following limitation on reemployment:

    • Must be a result of university need
    • Must be limited to no more than a 43 percent appointment as averaged over a 12-month period.
    • Appointments may not normally exceed a total of 12 months. In unusual circumstances, an extension beyond 12 months my be permitted. However, rehired retiree cumulative appointments totals that exceeds 24 months must be processed as an exception.
    • Must not occur until there has been a break in service of at least 30 days and the retiree has received their first monthly retirement installment.

    For more information, please review the Regents Policy 7706 – Reemployment of UC Rehired Employees into Senior Management Group and Staff Positions.

    How to Participate

    To be added to our Rehire Retiree Pool, Please fill out the UCR Rehired Pool and send it by email to for processing. Upon receipt, Human Resources will review the form to verify your eligibility to work as a retired employee. You will be notified of your eligibility once your eligibility status is confirmed.

    • Download the UCR Rehired Retiree Pool form
      • File Instructions
        1. The file will open automatically with Adobe Acrobat
        2. With the file open, fill in the appropriate fields and save to your desktop
          • When you have completed the form, send the form by email to
    If you have questions or need additional information, please send an email to