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February 22, 2023


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Abusive Conduct in The Workplace Training


Dear Campus Community,

On January 1, 2023, the new Presidential Policy on Abusive Conduct in the Workplace prohibiting Abusive Conduct went into effect. The focus of this policy is to promote and maintain a healthy working and learning environment, in which every individual is treated with respect

In his policy issuance letter, President Drake stated that this policy represents a critical step toward "strengthening an inclusive, respectful, and safe university community" and "expanding opportunity and excellence."  This new policy applies uniformly to all University employees, including student employees. The full issuance letter provides more information about the key provisions of the new policy. 

This Policy replaces the campus Anti-Bullying Policy issued in December 2021, and UCR is currently developing local procedures to implement this new Presidential Policy.

What do you need to do?

As a member of the University of California (UC) community, you will be assigned to complete an online training course for Abusive Conduct. This training covers the requirements of the Abusive Conduct in the Workplace policy and will better prepare everyone to fulfill this obligation and learn about their role in these efforts.

Why is this training important?

Not only does California law require employers to provide training to its supervisory and nonsupervisory employees on abusive conduct prevention, but this training also helps establish an attitude of responsibility for maintaining a safe workplace environment for all faculty, staff, and student workers; and it may assist everyone in comprehending the significance of a harassment-free environment.

Who needs to take the training?

All University employees, including student employees must take this training.

Where is the training available?

This training will be video based, and delivered online through our UC Learning Center website at or log into R’Space at and click the link to the UC Learning Center under Authorized Applications. Once logged into the UC Learning Center, select the Required Training button. Overall the training should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

When do I need to take this training by?

The training for the Abusive Conduct Policy will be available starting 2/27/23 and you will have 90 calendar days from 2/27/23 to complete the training.


For further questions about the requirement and/or policy please contact:

Preventing and responding to abusive conduct on our campuses is a shared responsibility. We are confident that together we will develop an inclusive, respectful, and safe university community for all students, faculty, and staff.