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University of California, Riverside –

After a hearing in Unfair Practice Case No. SF-PE-5-H, Teamsters Local 2010 v. Regents of the University of California, in which all parties had the right to participate, it has been found that the Regents of the University of California (University) violated the Prohibition on Public Employers Deterring or Discouraging Union Membership (PEDD), Government Code section 3550 et seq., when it posted a communication dated November 26, 2018 and entitled “UCnet: Facts about pay raises and employment protections for policy-covered staff” (Posting) on its “Labor News” website that deterred and discouraged employees from becoming or remaining members of, authorizing representation by, and authorizing dues or fees deductions to TEAMSTERS LOCAL 2010 (Teamsters). As a result, the University has been ordered to post the Notice to Employees of Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) Decision re. Unfair Practice Case No. SF-PE-5-H.