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University of California, Riverside –

As you are aware, the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) was implemented successfully on November 2, 2020. As such, we are now working towards ensuring that all Professional Support Staff (PSS) and Management & Senior Professional (MSP) employees have a classified job description in the HRMS Job Builder module.

Please complete the following action by Tuesday, August 31, 2021: Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Non-Template Job Description Instantiation Process.

Requested Action

The Human Resources Management System (HRMS) Non-Template Instructions describe the steps that the Departmental HR Coordinator, supervisor/manager and the employee need to complete for identified represented employees which need to have a job description classified in the HRMS Job Builder module.

Job descriptions will be reviewed nightly via an automated process to identify any instantiated job descriptions that meet the instantiation criteria. For a job description to get processed and classified, it must be a job description that is part of the instantiation file and has been marked as “Approved” by the supervisor and “Acknowledged Receipt” by the employee. Non-Template Instantiated job descriptions will “skip” the Organizational HR Coordinator and the HR Classification Analyst roles and the job description will be moved into a “classified” status. This is a one-time special process for the instantiation group of employees only!

Instantiation status reports are available to Departmental and Organizational HR Coordinators via the Human Resource Management System Job Builder My WIP Job Descriptions and All Open Job Descriptions queue; see Step 4a. These reports allow you to manage the completion status of all employees who are part of this instantiation process.

To ensure that all employees included in the Non-Template Job Description Instantiation file has a classified job description in the library, the Departmental HR Coordinators must complete the post instantiation process by August 31, 2021.  

Reason for Action

This action will increase the number of employees who have a classified job description in HRMS.

It is important to note that just like in our Job Description System (JDS) and Career Tracks (CT) System, an employee can only have one (1) classified job description. Additionally, an employee can have one (1) associated Work in Progress (WIP) action (i.e., updating a job description or updating the job description via a CT, an iReview action or an HRMS Non-Template Instantiated Job Description) at a time in any UCR HR application. When an employee already has a WIP action, the business rules will inhibit you from initiating another action for the employee in HRMS.

Upon the employee’s Non-Template Instantiated Job Description being classified, the system will automatically “Retire” the employee’s classified JDS job description should they have one.

Once all actions associated with the Job Description System are closed out, we will begin the evaluation process of how to make historical JDS job descriptions available via the HRMS Job Builder module. Our goal is to make HRMS the single system that a user will need to go to for current and historical job descriptions.   
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