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University of California, Riverside –

On November 2, 2020 UCR implemented Human Resource Management System (HRMS) Job Code Information which replaces UCR’s Title and Pay Plan (TPP). HRMS Job Code Information contains job code attribute information and is UCR’s new online repository of job classifications extended to UCR for use. Using the HRMS Job Code Information, you can search for available UCR job codes/titles and view the corresponding Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Coverage, Personnel Program, Representation information, Job Standard/Series Concept, Salary Structure & Range, and Additional Pay Types (such as Shift Differentials & On-Call rates) as applicable.

Individuals with a UCR Net ID will access the HRMS Job Code Information via R’Space under Training & Tools.  Individuals with an HRMS EACS role can also locate the HRMS Job Code Information under the “Authorized Apps” tab or enter in an internet browser (Chrome and Firefox are recommended; Internet Explorer (IE) is not supported). Individuals without a UCR Net ID will access the HRMS Job Code Information via the public link:

Note: UCR’s Title and Pay Plan (TPP) remains accessible via R’Space or the public link: Please note UCR’s TPP does not contain current information and contains only limited historical data.