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Disability Management

The Disability Management Office is designed to act as a resource to UCR departments with respect to administration of Federal and State disability laws and University policies relating to employees with disabilities. The program provides educational and early intervention services to prevent or minimize the effects of disability in the work place. The Interactive Process is a cooperative dialogue with the employee, management and other Human Resource units regarding workplace disability issues. Our objectives include assisting individuals with disabilities and their departments to explore Reasonable Accommodation, facilitate Return to Work and management of associated disability issues.

Program Services
  • Transitional Return to Work
  • Interactive Process/Reasonable Accommodation
  • On-Site Job Analysis
  • Disability Management Educational Services
  • Special Selection/Reassignment
  • Ergonomic Evaluation for Individuals with a Disability
  • Act as a resource to the campus on disability-related issues.
  • Facilitate the Interactive Process by providing consultation to supervisors and employees with disabilities.
  • Minimize absence from work due to disability and the resulting impact the absence has on employees and the organization.
  • Support employees in recovery from injury or illness by facilitating the provision of temporary, modified or alternative work when possible.
  • Reduce workers’ compensation and other disability-related costs.
  • Identify and effectively manage potential long-term disability and permanent disability costs.

Disability Management Office
1201 University Avenue, Suite 208
Riverside, CA 02507

For information or question, please contact Disability Management by sending an email to