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THE ASPIRING LEADER PROGRAM IS AN ONLINE, SELFPACED e-LEARNING course program that provides an introduction to some of the core skills needed to begin developing leadership capabilities and become a successful leader. 

How Was It Designed?


The program was designed
to address and overcome
Organizational challenges
in order to manage teams
more effectively.


The framework for this
program was developed
by our EOD Interim
Director Alex Rollins and
Seana Nunez Staff
Employment and
Development Analyst.



  1. Introduction to Supervising Others (EOD course)
  2. Leading with Emotional Intelligence (EOD course)
  3. Coaching for Results (EOD course)
  4. Introduction to Change Management (EOD course)
  5. Ready Set Goal (EOD course)
  6. Leadership and Influence (LinkedIn course)
  7. Conducting Performance Reviews (LinkedIn course)
  8. Managing Office Politics (LinkedIn course)
  9. Project Management for Leaders (LinkedIn course)

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