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Senior Management Group

Positions designated as Senior Management provide leadership requiring the exercise of a high degree of independent judgment in the development of University wide or campus wide policy and program direction and accountability for long-term results.

The President, as executive head of the University, has responsibility for the policies and programs governing the terms and conditions of employment for staff members who hold senior management positions, except for certain actions which are reserved to the Regents and Principal Officers of the Regents as set forth in the Bylaws and Standing Orders of the Regents, and except as delegated by the President to Chancellors, Laboratory Director, and the Executive Vice President—Business Operations.

Senior Leadership Compensation Group

The Senior Leadership Compensation Group (SLCG) includes all employees in the Senior Management Group (SMG) program and all Management & Senior Professional (MSP) employees whose total potential cash compensation is at or exceeds the Indexed Compensation Level (ICL) of $340,000 annually.

Annual Report on Executive Compensation

We are obligated to present an Annual Report on Executive Compensation (AREC) to the Legislature and to the public on the compensation of the University of California’s senior managers. Effective September 1, 2021, the current reporting threshold of total potential cash compensation is $340,000 per annum. 

  • View the reportable population.
    • All employees in a named position (according to direction from State Legislators) regardless of total potential compensation
    • All Officers of the Regents regardless of total potential compensation
    • All employees in a Senior Management Group (SMG) position regardless of total potential compensation
    • All employees in administrative/staff Managers and Senior Professionals (MSP) positions with total potential compensation over $340,000
    • All other non-academic, non-represented employees whose total potential cash compensation is greater than $340,000
    • Exclusions
    • Staff Physicians
    • Coaches and Athletic Directors if potential annual cash compensation is greater than the reporting threshold
    • The population includes those in both permanent and acting positions as identified above
    • Total potential compensation for part-time individuals is determined based on their part-time rate rather than their full-time equivalent rate

Outside Professional Activities

Senior Management Group members are individually responsible for ensuring that the Outside Professional Activities they perform, and compensation received for such activities, do not violate conflict of commitment and/or actual or perceived conflict of interest standards of the University. Documentation and approval request forms for Outside Professional Activities will be required. Where compensation is over $2,500 documentation must be completed by the SMG member and submitted for review and approval by the Approving Authorities before the SMG member announces or engages in the activity.

  • UCR Senior Management Group (SMG) Process Guide for Gifts and Honoraria

    If you are offered a gift or honorarium...


    Please determine whether the gift or honorarium is connected to an Outside Professional Activity (OPA), or whether it is part of your job (or faculty) expectations. The Quick Reference Guide provides information and responsibilities for completing the OPA requests. In summary:

    • If it is an OPA and compensation is less than $2,500 for the year, complete the OPA form and submit it to your supervisor. Once approved by your supervisor, submit the form to the SMG Coordinator, where it will be retained for end of year reporting requirement determinations.
    • If it is an OPA and compensation is at or above $2,500 for the year, complete the OPA form and this additional detailed form and submit it to your supervisor. Once approved by your supervisor, submit to SMG Coordinator, The SMG Coordinator will obtain the next highest-level supervisor approval whether they are inside (e.g., Chancellor) or outside (e.g., President, Board of Regents) of UCR. Pre-approval is required prior to starting the OPA.
      • If the DocuSign routing tool is used for all internal UCR approvals, the SMG Coordinator should be copied on completion of internal signatures. The SMG Coordinator will then obtain outside UCR approvals, when required.

    Whether or not the activity is considered OPA, you have three options related to the gift or honorarium:

    1. decline the gift/honorarium
    2. accept the gift/honorarium personally (subject to state regulations, see Second below)
    3. inquire whether the offering institution could donate the gift/honorarium directly to UCR, see Third below)

    If accepting the gift/honorarium personally, please contact the Conflict of Interest Coordinator,, for guidance. Note that per state regulations, as a designated filer under UC's Conflict of Interest Code, the SMG member is prohibited from receiving any honoraria payments from any source of gifts or income that would be required to report on your Statement of Economic Interests. For more information on honoraria, review the UC Conflict of Interest for Form 700 Filers training and the FPPC fact sheet. Certain payments for travel are excluded from the gift limits and honoraria prohibition.


    If the institution is willing to donate the gift or honorarium, please contact the Administrative Services & Strategic Executive Team (ASSET) (, who will provide the institution with specific information on how and where to donate. ASSET and Advancement Service Gift Administration ( will work together to identify the proper donor fund (for a general use purpose) for the donation, creating a new foundation fund within 1-2 days if necessary.

    For a printable version, please click the SMG Gift and Honorarium Process.

Total Cash Compensation

Total Cash Compensation is calculated based on the fiscal year. Categories of cash compensation are included in determining the Indexed Compensation Level (ICL).

  • Categories of cash compensation to be included in determing the ICL

    Annualized base salary (If the employee has a UC appointment at less than 100 percent with no other appointments at UC, the total compensation at that appointment rate will be used and not the conversion to derive a “full-time equivalent” amount, e.g., at 100 percent)

    • Maximum incentive plan payout potential (including Z component of HSCP, CEMRP, etc.)
    • The amount of Relocation Allowance scheduled for payment in the year of the proposed action. Please do not include the full amount if paid in installments over time.
    • Annualized stipend
    • Auto allowance
    • Senior Management Supplemental Benefit
    • Other cash compensation
    • Any other Health Science Compensation Program pay (HSCP-X and Y components)
    • Educational expense reimbursements or allowances
  • Categories not to be included in the calculation of total cash compensation
    •     Reimbursements for such items as moving expenses, house-hunting trips
    •     Temporary housing
    •     Corporate board service
    •     Eligibility to participate in the UC Home Loan Program(s)
    •     Compensation received for outside professional activities (OPA)
    •     Payment in lieu of sabbatical leave
    •     Payment in lieu of vacation leave
    •     Administrative fund allocation
    •     Corporate board service (OPA approval requirements continue to apply)
    •     General SRDP bonus potential

SMG Contact

Deborah Page, SHRM-SCP
Compensation and Classification Consultant, SMG Coordinator
Office: 951.827.3128 |