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Leaving UC Employment

There are a few important details to help you understand your benefits when you leave UC and how to convert your coverage if you need to.


The following resources will help you understand what options you have regarding your health, welfare and retirement benefits.

If you are retiring, please review Preparing to Retire or contact the Retirement Administration Services Center (RASC)

    Medical Separation
    What to do When You Are Being Laid Off

    An employee who becomes unable to perform essential, assigned functions due to a disability or medical condition may be eligible for a medical separation. If you are ending your UC employment for medical reasons, see your benefits office immediately about your possible eligibility for disability, retirement and or other benefits.

    The University strives to minimize the effects of layoffs required by budget reductions and organizational changes. This section provides information for UC staff who have been laid off.

    Exit Survey

    The University of California Office of the President (UCOP) has partnered with Gartner to provide an exit survey for departing staff members and to receive feedback on reasons staff leave, details about their future employment, areas of dissatisfaction, and the likelihood they will recommend the university to future applicants. Gartner will conduct the survey, and participants are guaranteed confidentiality and data security. For more details, please review the UCR Local Procedure - Departure View - Exit Survey.

    As you prepare to leave UCR, please help us by completing a short exit survey. Your responses will be invaluable to the campus in identifying areas where we are succeeding and identifying those opportunities for improvement.

    To receive the exit survey link, please contact your Human Resources representative or send an email to