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Employee and Organizational Development

EDO Contacts - Lela Dennis
Lela Dennis
Director, Employee and Organizational Development

Having a drive and passion for helping others achieve their career and leadership goals, Lela is a zealot for people. Lela currently serves as the HR Director of Employee and Organizational Development for the University of California, Riverside. Her primary objective is providing organizational excellence through professional development to staff and faculty. View the full biography.


Office: (951) 827-5112

EDO Contacts - Seana Nunez
Seana Nuñez
Senior Consultant, Employee and Organizational Development

Seana has over 15 years of experience in training, facilitation, organizational development and consulting. She works with staff across all levels at UC Riverside, and with leaders across the UC System as the Program Manager and Facilitator of the UC Management Skills Assessment Program.  View the full biography.


Office: (951) 827-1442

EOD Contacts - Alexandra Rollins
Alexandra Rollins
Learning and Development Consultant / Trainer, Employee and Organizational Development

Alexandra helps organizations maximize their performance and to achieve their vision by developing and implementing leadership strategies that improve productivity and efficiency. Through her vast experience in organizational change management (OCM), leadership development and training, Alexandra has built and developed lasting relationships with a wide-array of organizational leaders, including directors, managers and executives.  View the full biography.


Office: (951) 827-4928

EOD Contacts - Marilyn Parker
Marilyn Parker
Senior LMS Administrator, Employee and Organizational Development

Marilyn joined the central Human Resources staff in 2009 as an administrative assistant supporting the Benefits, Policy & Programs, and Wellness offices. From 2012-2014 she supported the HR division as a Communication Specialist. Marilyn started working in her current role of Learning Management System Administrator in 2014. View the full biography.


Office: (951) 827-7395

EDO Contacts - Yvonne Yanes
Yvonne Yanes
Coordinator, Employee and Organizational Development

Office: (951) 827-4794