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Several Training Certificate Programs offered by campus training departments are coordinated through the Employee & Organizational Development department. Enrollment is offered through the UC Learning Center or by application as noted below.

Management Skills Assessment Program

"Investing Today in the Leaders of Tomorrow"

The Management Skills Assessment Program (MSAP) is a long-standing UC management development program offering an intensive off-site assessment center experience for early career managers. The goal of MSAP is to address skill deficits and grow competencies that will prepare internal employees for future role opportunities in their UC workplaces.  

The program is best suited for high-potential individuals who have a demonstrated management career path (through education and/or experience).

  • Intended for individuals who have 1-5 years of supervisory experience
  •  Applicants must have a minimum of one year of service at UC (past probation, career status) as of the application deadline
  • Supervisor support is essential to the success of MSAP.

Participants will be guided through a series of structured exercises where they will be observed by trained assessors who offer feedback about observed strengths and development areas.

Subsequent collaborative work after the program between the assessee participant and his/her sponsoring manager fine tunes a professional development plan designed to optimize assessment feedback.

The program cost is $1,525, which covers food, lodging and materials for four days and three nights at UCLA’s Lake Arrowhead Conference Center.  Transportation is not included. Information on the conference center can be found at

  • The application deadline for the 2019 Fall Program:  Please check back for the Fall Program deadline.
  • Applications must include the supervisor’s statement of support for consideration.
  • For more information and to complete the application, please visit

If you are an applicant with questions, please contact Seana Nuñez-Grider by email at

Building Core Supervisory Competencies Program

The Building Core Supervisory Competencies program emphasizes participation and practice of supervisory skills through the use of self-assessment inventories, case studies, homework assignments, and small group exercises. This comprehensive program begins with an orientation for participants. Participants then complete 6 core courses and a variety of electives, followed by a wrap-up session and graduation celebration.  Courses offer skills and techniques that help supervisors develop their leadership skills, helping them successfully manage and develop their teams. An optional assignment will be offered for those who want to gain the most benefit from the program. On-the-job follow-up activities which involve both the supervisor and the participant will be provided to assist in reinforcing new skills.

Here is what people have to say about the program

“The leadership qualities I was able to gain and develop, inform all of my decisions and have truly changed me as a leader and a person. I highly recommend this program to those who would like to develop different leadership perspectives and make meaningful connections with cross campus partners.”

“This has truly strengthened me as a leader and has contributed greatly to what I have to offer my department and the campus,” she said. “I am incredibly grateful for the experience and colleagues I have been able to connect with and learn from.”

“We each walked away with tangible skills that we’re putting to practice in our offices, and also a wider network of collaborators, committed to fostering professional development and promoting diversity and inclusion across UC Riverside.”

“Not only did the trainings give me insight and tools to what it takes to be a competent supervisor, but I also learned much about UCR that I did not know – in spite of being on campus for more than 15 years.


The program is specifically designed for employees with two to five years of supervisory experience who want to develop a broad range of skills that can enhance their performance in carrying out supervisory duties.

  • Individuals who are new to the supervisory role are encouraged to complete the UC People Management Certificate Program – available online via the UC Learning Management System (LMS) or Supervisory Boot Camp.

The full-day courses and electives are  taken over an eight-month period of time. A final wrap-up session and graduation round out the formal program.  Participants are encouraged to continue their development and collaboration with their cohort post-program. Electives can be instructor led (typically 3.5-4 hours) or eLearning courses. Acceptable eLearning courses are reviewed during the program orientation.

Core Courses and Electives

All core courses must be completed and include these topics:

  • The supervisory role
  • Understanding yourself as a supervisor
  • Situational leadership
  • Ethics
  • Affirmative action and equal employment
  • Diversity
  • Building teams
  • Supervisory communication
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Building trust
  • Managing conflict

Elective Topics

Include, but are not limited to:

  • Corrective actions
  • Resources for effective presentations
  • Performance management
  • Coaching and developing employees
  • How to conduct effective meetings
  • Delegation skills
  • Time management
Program Schedule

Dates and times will be distributed upon acceptance into the program.

Core#1 – 7 Habits for Managers - Part 1

 Core #5 – Leading Across Generations and Managing Change

Core#2 – 7 Habits for Managers - Part 2

 Core #6 – Managing Risk in the Workplace: AA/EEO/Diversity

Core #3 – Ethics / Labor Relations

 Core#7 – Situational Leadership

Core#4 – Communication / Conflict Management

 Core#8 – Program Wrap-Up / Presentations / Graduation

Program cost: There is no fee for the program
Application Process

To participate in future programs, simply complete the application and submit to Seana Nuñez-Grider at

Application deadline: Please check back for the next Program deadline.

Download the Building Core Supervisory Competencies Program application form

  • Open File:  You will be prompted to open the file with word - click OK
    • When the file is open, select View > edit file / enable content
    • Fill in the appropriate fields and save to your desktop

Supervisor endorsement is required in order for participants to attend the program.

   People Management Certificate

The UC Systemwide People Management Series and Certificate is a program for all People Managers and aspiring managers. It consists of Core and Elective Courses, which include local and systemwide programs and eCourses, as well as in-person learning Experiences, and covers the following topics:

  • Performance Management
  • Managing People
  • Administration & Operations
  • Change Management
  • Communications
Benefits of the People Management Certificate
  • Builds baseline management skills for all people managers and individuals who want to become managers
  • Increases opportunity for promotion and potential for future leadership positions
  • Offers easily accessible online courses that are learner-centric and self-paced
  • Builds on coursework already taken
UC Systemwide People Management Series and Certificate Coursework:
  • Complete 10 Core courses and 4 Elective courses (one from each topic area)
  • Courses include systemwide eCourses and locally identified online and instructor-led courses
  • Visit the UC Learning Center (LMS) for the complete list of eligible courses
View and print the flyer


If you are an applicant and have questions, please contact Linda Tha Schlossman

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