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Upgrade from to LinkedIn Learning

On Friday, April 19, UCR Information Technology Solutions (ITS) upgraded to LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning, which acquired, features the same content but with enhanced capabilities including a more intuitive interface, more relevant content recommendations and more powerful reporting tools. For more information about LinkedIn Learning and how to activate your account, please review the Inside UCR article "Upgrade from to LinkedIn Learning."

UCR offers a wide variety of developmental programs to build job skills for the role you have and to foster the career we hope you develop. Programs extend to all segments of the workforce. Check out the many opportunities — classes and workshops, career programs, management development, UC systemwide programs, and certificate programs.

2018-19 Employee Professional Development Catalog

HR Course Catalog 2018 bannerThe UCR Human Resources Employee & Organizational Development team would like to welcome you to the  2018-19 Employee Professional Development Catalog for employee development planning. It contains course and program descriptions, as well as helpful advice on how to create an individual development plan. We hope this will allow employees to strategically plan their development throughout the year and align their learning with the university’s mission, vision, and strategic priorities.

Our goal is to grow organizational talent and increase the offerings that are available to you. We continuously look for relevant professional development options that allow you to increase your effectiveness in the workplace. We will continue to update our course offerings so please check often for development opportunities that meet your goals.

Parking at University Village for Human Resources

Visitors to Human Resources

If you are visiting UCR Human Resources located at University Village, you are welcome to park in the University Village parking lot. Please note that we are only able to validate parking for 2 hours - any charge beyond the 2 hours will be the responsibility of the visitor.

Faculty and staff attending training/meetings

  • Do not park in the main visitors parking lot or structure. We cannot validate parking for more than 2 hours - any charge beyond the 2 hours will be the responsibility of the attendee/visitor.
  • Parking is available in lots 60 and 50 - see parking map. The parking lots have the following guidelines:
    • Lot 60 - This parking lot is only available to blue permit holders and is only good for 2 hours. If you plan to be in training for more than 2 hours, you will need to notify Transportation and Parking (TAPS) to let them know that you will be parked longer than the 2-hour maximum. Please provide TAPS with the following information:
      • Make/model of vehicle, license plate #, and date and duration of training. There is no charge.
      • If you do not have a blue parking permit, you are welcome to purchase a daily pass from TAPS. The charge is $10 and will increase to $11 on August 1, 2018. They will also need the same vehicle and training information.
    • Lot 50 - This lot accepts both blue and gold permits and does not have the same 2-hour maximum restriction as lot 60. Vehicles can park in lot 50 for the duration of training without any notification to TAPS.
      • If you do not have a blue or gold parking permit, you are welcome to purchase a daily pass from TAPS. The charge is $10 and will increase to $11 on August 1, 2018. TAPS will also need the same vehicle and training information.


UC Managing Implicit Bias - Online Training Series

The UC Managing Implicit Bias Series is a six-course online training series designed to increase awareness of implicit bias and reduce its impact at the University. The series reinforces the UC diversity, equity, and inclusion values that enable the University to attract and retain a top talent workforce, and it further supports the UC commitment to developing effective leaders and managers of people. It is intended to supplement existing location programs and resources. To learn more about this course, please expand by clicking on the + sign.

Employees may complete individual courses, or the entire series. Those who complete all six online courses will receive the UC Systemwide HR Managing Implicit Bias Certificate. The series will also be added as a core requirement to the existing UC Systemwide People Management Series and Certificate. As a UC People Manager, being aware of implicit bias and how it impacts the way we work and interact with others is especially important.

The series contains the following six self-paced, online interactive courses. Each course is 15 to 20 minutes in length.

1. What is implicit bias?

Describes how the brain uses shortcuts and schema to process stimuli.

Explains how attitudes, stereotypes and biases form.

Differentiates between explicit and implicit biases.

2. The impact of implicit bias.

Describes the ways in which implicit bias can affect our actions.

3. Managing the influence of implicit bias: Awareness.

Assess your implicit bias.

Recognize situations wherein you are more prone to the influence of bias.

Recognize external factors that make you more prone to the influence of bias.

Evaluate whether you are being influenced by bias.

Understanding awareness and humility.

4. Common forms of bias.

Understand the common forms of bias.

5. Managing the influence of implicit bias: Mindfulness and conscious de-biasing.

Learn ways to minimize the influence of implicit bias.

6. Managing implicit bias in the hiring process.

Decouple the design procedures/structures that protect against biases by diversifying search committees, gaining more ideas, perspective, awareness, sensitivity and tapping into diverse networks.

How do I participate

Simply log into the UC Learning Center (LMS) and search the catalog for these courses using the search word: Implicit Bias.

My UC Career On-Line Career Development Tool

The UCR My UC Career is a self-directed, online career development portal available to all UC employees. Career Development continues to be a focus area across the university and the portal provides a resource that supports employees in growing their UC career. A UC email address is all that’s needed to register for an account.

The systemwide My UC Career portal provides access to job openings at all UC locations via the Systemwide Job Board, as well as resources and tools to create and refine resumes, write cover letters, identify strengths, practice interviewing and find professional networking opportunities.   

The portal consists of the following six, easy to use modules:

  1. Begin Career Discovery: Use personal assessments to help identify values, personality, skills, and talents.
  2. Job Search: Leveraging the existing Systemwide Job Board, in one search, view all UC opportunities by job type, location, or career level. Create multiple alerts for new postings that are most interesting.
  3. Resume: Build a new resume or revise an existing resume using the step by step online resume workshop that uses answers to automatically build an accomplishment-based resume tailored to the identified career path. View resume building guides and resume samples by position or type.
  4. Tell Your Story: Create a pitch statement, cover letter, and references to tell what the employee has to offer and how they can help the organization succeed. Use the step by step online workshop to automatically build each document. View samples of each type of document.
  5. Network and Research: Optimize social media presence and use research tools to help leverage employee networks that uncover additional career opportunities.
  6. Pre- and Post-Interview: Practice interview skills by recording video interviews using pre-recorded portal interviewers that ask the employee questions review interview type guides, create a post-interview thank you note, and review the offer negotiation guide and decision making tools.

Additional information about My UC Career and other career development resources are as follows:

Print and post the flyer.

Leading at the Speed of Trust

This 2-day course – Leading at the Speed of Trust has been identified as the most critical competency for today's leaders. It affects everything you are trying to accomplish. Learn how to develop, restore and extend trust with the team you lead.

Topics covered
  • The case for trust
  • The trust tax
  • Self trust
  • Relationship trust
  • Organizational trust
  • Market trust
  • Societal trust
When is it
  • Wednesday, June 19 & Thursday, June 20, 2019 | 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    HR Training Room, Suite 208
    University Village, Building A

To register for this course, visit the UC Learning Center (LMS).

Franklin Covey 6 Critical Practices for Leading a Team

This workshop will equip you with the skills and tools you need to be an even better leader and manager of your team. The session will focus on how to get work done with and through others.

Topics Covered
  • Develop a Leader's Mindset
  • Hold Regular 1:1s
  • Set up Your Team to Get Results
  • Create a Culture of Feedback
  • Lead your Team Through Change
  • Manage Your Time and Energy
When is it

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 | 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
HR Training Room, Suite 208
University Village, Building A

To register for this course, visit the UC Learning Center (LMS).

How to Conduct Effective Meetings

This workshop is designed to provide you with a framework and tools for facilitating more effective meetings. Topics include: meeting structures that increase productivity, the key roles in a meeting, the basics of facilitating a meeting, basic consensus decision making and stimulating discussion. You will be provided with materials that you can use at your next meeting.

Learning Objectives
  • To meet or not to meet
  • Planning and preparation
  • Conducting the meeting
  • Follow through and evaluations
When is it

Thursday, May 30, 2019 | 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
HR Training Room, Suite 208
University Village, Building A

To register for this course, visit the UC Learning Center (LMS). Featured Courses is an online training library available to all staff and faculty via R’Space. It offers over 1,000 courses and video tutorials on a wide variety of software, technology, non-technical skill, and creative topics, supporting both professional and personal development. can be accessed from your laptop, tablet, Smart Phone or personal computer. Learn what you need, when you need it, where you need it – all at your own pace. 

Our Services

  • Provide staff development courses designed to help employees enhance their contributions to the University's mission and goals; provide opportunities for career growth; and assist employees in performing current and emerging position responsibilities effectively.
  • Conducting organizational assessments and developing action plans.
  • Facilitating department/team meetings.
  • Facilitate assessments for personal and team development.
  • Designing and delivering customized training for organizational units.
  • To enroll in classes, please visit the UC Learning Center.

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