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Benefits: Facilitate Planning for the Future
The Benefits of Belonging

UC Riverside offers a comprehensive and competitive array of benefit choices. Employment benefits are an important part of your compensation package.

Most UC employees are eligible for benefits, but your benefits package depends on the length of your appointment, how many hours you work, and your appointment type. Retirees are eligible based on their age and years of service credit at retirement. Learn more about benefits eligibility.

If you are represented by a union, your compensation and benefits are governed by your union’s contract.

Be sure to visit our Benefit's pages to learn about the benefits the University provides, depending on your type of appointment.

What's New

Anthem Help for Members Impacted by Wildfires in California

Anthem would like it's members and emergency personnel dealing with the damage caused by the California wildfires to know Anthem Blue Cross is here to help. If you need direct assistance with finding available care providers, prescription refills or replacements, and/or any other health insurance related matters, please call 1-888-831-2238, Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., and weekends, from 10 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

If you live in Butte, Los Angeles or Ventura counties, we’d like you to know we’ve made temporary changes to you benefits to help you get the care you need:  

  • Relaxing time limits for prior authorization, pre-certification and referral requirements.
  • Suspending early refill limits for prescriptions.
  • Allowing replacement of medical equipment or supplies.
  • Extending filing deadlines for claims.

These medical and pharmacy guidelines are effective through December 9, 2018, unless further extended.

While Anthem does not represent nor coordinate for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), CMS provides useful information regarding coverage for medical equipment - Medicare Coverage of Durable Medical Equipment and Other Devices (page 7).

In addition, Anthem will apply the following effective immediately:

  • Waive (auto authorize) all outpatient prior authorization requirements for members living in Butte County. Anthem will allow enrollees to access appropriate out-of-network providers if in-network providers are unavailable due to the disaster or if enrollees are out of area due to displacement as a result of the fires without penalties.
  • For Inpatient, Anthem will continue to conduct medical necessity reviews for admissions and extensions of stay per Anthem’s current process. When the member is ready for discharge from either an acute care facility or a skilled nursing facility (SNF), and if the member resides in an evacuation area, the member will be allowed to stay in the acute facility or SNF if unable to discharge safely. However, the process does not preclude discharge to SNF from an acute facility if a SNF bed is available. All members will be enrolled in the care management program.
  • Implementation is effective immediately and will continue until 12/31/2018, at which time Anthem will re-evaluate for potential extension 

They apply to members covered by Anthem’s employer group, individual plans and family plans, Anthem’s Medicare Advantage, Medicare Supplement, and Medicare Part D plans in the three impacted counties. These relaxed benefits do not apply to Federal Employees Health Benefits Program as that program has specific guidelines. For more information, please visit the Anthem Blue Cross website.

Financial Planning & Retirement Orientation

Join us at our ongoing monthly meetings to learn from the plan experts to obtain information, receive guidance, and answers to your questions in order to make quality decisions about investing in your future. The orientation will take place every 1st Wednesday and is available to UCR faculty and staff.

UCR offers assistance to employees required to make a selection on the UC Retirement Choice program and contributing to a voluntary UC retirement savings plan. We offer additional benefits through California Casualty insurance, Altura and SchoolsFirst local credit unions.

Please check back for future dates in 2019.

Prudential Life Insurance Conversion Estimator Tool

Prudential offers a life insurance conversion estimator tool on the Prudential microsite for UC members. This helpful tool allows employees who are considering converting their insurance benefit to preview an estimate of the premiums before they decide to convert. To access the life insurance conversion estimator tool, please click here.

Lincoln Financial Group (Formerly Liberty Mutual)

As of May 1, 2018, Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston acquired by Lincoln Financial Group. Liberty Mutual Insurance benefits are now provided by Lincoln Financial. The full transition to the Lincoln name will take place over the coming months. During this time, you may see multiple company name references: Liberty Mutual, Liberty Mutual Benefits a Lincoln Financial Group Company or Lincoln Financial Group. Please advise your employees of this and encourage them to open and read all correspondence they receive about their benefits under these names. Read more

Note: Regardless of the brand reference, there will be no interruption to benefits or claims processing. Although MyLibertyConnection and ClaimTrac are on the long term rebranding track (as noted below), all functionality of the MyLibertyConnection portal will continue to work and will not change in the interim. In addition, there are no changes to the Phoenix Claims Operations office mailing address, Case Manager and account staff phone numbers, or Liberty’s website URL.

Here is a brief overview of the changes occurring now and in the near future.  As we have further detail, we’ll update this list.

Short-term changes now in effect
  • Email domain changed to Lincoln Financial Group (
  • Email signature re-branded (see example below)
    LFM image
  • Current claimants have been informed verbally of the name change by their Case Managers, but have not received anything in writing yet. However, all current claimants will receive an insert in routine mail correspondence sometime in July, a copy of which will be shared with all Benefits Professionals via a forthcoming HRB.
  • Email “blast” notifications; a schedule of these communications will be shared with all benefits professionals as soon as we have it.
Mid-Range Changes (within the next 12 months)
  • Rebranding of materials including:
    • Claimant benefit checks
    • Marketing materials such as benefit summaries, materials provided at benefits fairs, and Brainshark presentations
    • Forms (a complete schedule is being compiled and all forms will be updated within 12 months
  • Correspondence (claimant letters, notifications to the locations, etc.)
  • Reporting
Long-Range Changes (a year or more)
  • MyLibertyConnection
  • ClaimTrac
  • Secure email

HealthEquity Member Portal Multi-factor Authentication

On June 4, 2018,  HealthEquity implemented the multi-factor authentication (MFA) to their UC member portal.  This MFA requires members to enter multiple pieces of information during their log-in process to verify their identity, including:

  1. Username and password for the portal, and
  2. Access to an external account (phone or e-mail address) where a verification code is sent as a secondary form of authentication

This feature helps protect accounts by tracking log-in credentials and by requiring a confirmation code when a member’s account is accessed from a new device.  To prevent fraudulent access to a member’s account, the system automatically generates a request that requires the user to enter the unique confirmation code sent to the member’s phone number or e-mail address on record.  

Note: MFA does not currently apply to members who access the online portal via Single Sign-on (SSO) from the Anthem member portal but there is a plan to add MFA to SSO in the near future.

If you have questions about the MFA process or logging in to your account, view the Frequently Asked Questions or contact HealthEquity at (866) 346-5800 - available 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

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