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The University of California Office of the President’s policy on recruitment and promotion – PPSM-20: Recruitment and Promotion was last reviewed April 2023. UCR HR Policy and Talent Acquisition teams have reviewed Local Procedure 20 Recruitment and Promotion. The local procedure will be revised in a two (2) phased approach. 

  • Phase I includes the proposed updates:
  • Procedure and language changes, effective June 1, 2023: 
    • A definition was added for placement goals. See section III.I. 
    • To provide further guidance on posting salary ranges, posted position purposes, and posted work authorization sections VII.A.3.b., VII.A.3.c., and VII.A.3.d was added.  
    • To better align with the assessment of application practices and system updates section VII.A.5.b.1) b) was revised from: 

“It is recommended that at least two committee members review all applicants to identify those who meet the minimum requirements of the position. Alternatively, a Talent Acquisition representative may perform this function. It is also recommended that each committee member provide comments regarding each applicant’s qualifications as they relate to the minimum requirements of the position.” 

    • To further outline the requirements for waiver of recruitment requests, section VII.D. was revised from:

“The organizational unit initiates a written request for approval by completing the Staff Recruitment Waiver Request Form. The organizational unit should use DocuSign template to submit the form to the Director of Talent Acquisition for review.”  

  • Phase II - summer 2023
    • Internal Recruitments 
    • Internal Promotions 
    • Revision of Forms 

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