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What is Move More

Move More For 3 to 4 is an awareness messaging campaign sponsored by the UCR Faculty and Staff Wellness Program, Healthy Campus, Ergonomics Program, The Well and UCR Recreation. The goal of the campaign is to increase movement/activity throughout the day to promote better health, reduce ergonomic risks, and create a positive healthy culture change.

How to Get Involved

Request a Training
Request a training for your department or student organization meeting. The MoveMore for 3 to 4 team is offering a 30-minute stretching session that can be customized for your group. Training's can be requested at
Reward Meeting Participants
Acknowledge meeting participants who walk at least 10 minutes to your meeting instead of driving, or stand at least 10 minutes during the meeting.
Schedule Activity Breaks
Schedule activity breaks (stand, stretch, get up and move) for 3-4 minutes every hour or as often as you can.

Move More Resources

  • 50 Tips to MoveMore at Work
    Desk Stretch
    Running Up STairs
    Dance at Work
    Yoga in the Office
    • Move or stretch at least 3-4 minutes every hour.
    • Hold a walking meeting.
    • Organize group walks during lunch or breaks.
    • Add steps to your day the easy way, park further away!
    • Walk to communicate instead of calling, emailing or texting.
    • Use your lunch hour to walk/exercise and grab a healthy bite.
    • Take the stairs to another floor’s restroom.
    • Use a full water bottle to do some strength training exercises like pressing it up over your head or bicep curls.
    • Do partial squats while waiting for the copier / microwave / fax.
    • Do calf raises while waiting for the copier / microwave / fax.
    • Stand up or march in place while on the phone.
    • Keep a resistance band to perform strengthening exercises in your office.
    • Change your position or posture often.
    • Take the stairs.
    • Take a breather, do 5 minutes of silent meditation while standing.
    • Use the waste bin/printer/fax/copier furthest away from your desk.
    • Eat your lunch away from your desk.
    • Stand during meetings and presentations.
    • Stand while participating in a phone conference or webinar.
    • Practice good posture; keep the curves in your spine.
    • Join the MobileFit program and participate in convenient fitness classes throughout campus.
    • Do upper body stretches while reading emails.
    • Walk to meetings on and off campus instead of driving.
    • Exercise with a buddy at work.
    • Visit the new UCR track to walk, jog or run laps.
    • Consider a sit-stand workstation.
    • Take a 5-minute break and dance to your favorite tunes.
    • Install a break-time app on your computer or mobile device to remind yourself to take a micro-break every hour to move or stretch.
    • Join a fitness class at lunch.
    • Take an extra lap around the building whenever you get up.
    • Keep an exercise log and try to increase or maximize your move time each week.
    • Wear an activity tracker and set daily goals or use a fitness app to track your progress.
    • Start a walking club.
    • Get competitive; see who can walk the most steps each week.
    • Join the GO! UCR Activity Tracking Program and record your activities.
    • Fidget and squirm, you will burn more calories!
    • Move your feet by doing ankle circles or flexing them up and down to improve circulation.
    • Perform a 10-minute yoga session in your office during your break.
    • Explore places on campus you haven't been to by foot.
    • Use the cardio machines at the Student Recreation Center.
    • Start or join a mid-morning stretching group.
    • Create and maintain a daily activity routine at work.
    • Work on your balance while developing ankle strength with a single leg stance.
    • Be sure to stretch your wrists, arms and neck muscles after long periods of typing and mousing.
    • Move around or take a stretch break during long meetings.
    • Explore the UCR walking paths.
    • Take a lunch time walk in the Botanic Gardens.
    • Walk to get more water and stay hydrated throughout the day.


  • 20 Tips to MoveMore for Students
    • Exercise with a buddy.
    • Hike 2 Trees trail near campus.
    • Walk to Goodwin's Organics instead of driving for a coffee, green juice, acai bowl or fresh smoothie.
    • Get a jump rope - it's easy to store in your backpack.
    • Take a breather - try deep breathing meditation exercises for 3-4 minutes to reduce stress/tension.
    • Move or stretch at least 3-4 minutes each hour.
    • Visit the UCR outdoor track or Recreation indoor track to walk or run laps.
    • Practice good posture - keep the curves in your spine - change position often.
    • Use the cardio machine or take a free fitness class at the Student Recreation Center.
    • Be sure to stretch your wrists, arms and neck muscles after long periods of typing.
    • Take a walk through the Botanical Gardens on campus.
    • Walk slowly on a treadmill while you read your study notes / class material.
    • Sign up for local 5K walks/races.
    • Join Peanut Butter and Jogging through The Well.
    • Take a class at the Student Recreation Center or join an intramural team.
    • Walk to get water and stay hydrated throughout the day.
    • Take the stairs instead of the elevator, if you are able to.
    • Create and maintain an active daily routine.
    • Keep an exercise log or journal.
    • Join the GO! UCR Activity Tracking Program and set daily step goals - visit The Well for more information.
  • Move More Videos
  • Move More Materials