The Central Human Resources office remains closed for in-person visits until further notice. During this time, HR staff will continue to support our clients and the campus virtually. 

EMPLOYMENT VERIFICATIONS are conducted through The Work Number.  If the employment verification is not available through this website, please contact the UCPath Center at

If you require assistance, you are welcome to contact us via email:, telephone: (951) 827-5588, and Fax: (951) 827-2672. To see a list of HR contacts, please visit the UCR Human Resources Contact Us webpage.

Thank you.

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Department Contacts


Department Contact

Campus HR Departments Click here for your Department HR contact
Catastrophic Leave Sharing Program
Disability Management
Employee & Organizational Development
Employee Relations
Employment Verification
Human Resources General (for employment verification requests please see above)
Office Hours (HR Partners)
Labor Relations
Leadership Collaborative (CORO)
Maximum Vacation Accrual Limit - Employee Request to Exceed
Performance Management
Retirees'/Emeriti  Associations
Total Compensation
Women's Initiative (CORO)

Team Contacts

John Stephen Henderson Interim Associate Vice Chancellor
Judy Abbey Executive Assistant (951) 827-5080
Demetrius Patrick Director of Benefits, Health & Wellness (951) 827-2561
Tina Rodriguez Benefits Lead (951) 827-5086
Ranada Palmer Health Care Facilitator (951) 827-2636
Kimberly Grossmann Administrative Assistant (951) 827-3577
Vacant Director of Compensation and Benefits    
Scott Biggerstaff Assistant Director (951) 827-1441
Deborah Page Assistant Director (951) 827-3128
Pam Desire Compensation Analyst (951) 827-5160
Kimberly Grossmann Administrative Assistant (951) 827-3577
Disability Management
Ariel Caluag Workers' Compensation & Disability Programs Manager (951) 827-4207
Employee & Labor Relations
George Williams Director of Employee & Labor Relations (951) 827-9581
Daphne Hawkins Employee & Labor Relations Representative (951) 827-1414
Karen Logue Employee & Labor Relations Representative (951) 827-5272
Kristin Branson Employee & Labor Relations Representative (951) 827-5091
Michelle Calanchini Employee & Labor Relations Representative (951) 827 4981
Tiffany Hawkins Employee & Labor Relations Representative (951) 827-9579
Mariela Bridges Administrative Assistant (951) 827-3641
Employee & Organizational Development
Alexandra Rollins Interim Director, Employee & Organization Development Programs (951) 827-4928
Seana Núñez Sr. EOD Consultant (951) 827-1442
Marilyn Parker Sr. LMS Administrator (951) 827-7395
Dora Rubio Instructional Designer (951) 827-1430
Yvonne Yanes Employee and Organizational Development Coordinator (951) 827-4794
Clyde Blackwelder Ergonomist (951) 827-3010
HR Systems
Lorena Velasquez HR Implementation Project Manager (951) 827-7507
Jessica Montes Lead HR Project Analyst N/A
Nea Voss Lead HR Project Analyst N/A
Policy & Communications
Vacant Principal HR Policy & Communication Analyst    
Puja Pannu HR Data, Program & Communications Specialist (951) 827-3195
Retirement Center
Cristina Otegui Director, UCR Retirement Center (951) 827-5008
Talent Acquisition & Diversity Outreach
Sinclair Dickerson Director of Talent Acquisition & Diversity Outreach (951) 827-2673
Emma Geach Talent Acquisition Consultant (951) 827-3575
Rebeca Sanchez Hernandez Talent Acquisition Consultant (951) 827-
Marianna Acosta Talent Acquisition Coordinator (951) 827-5058
Angela Walker Administrative Assistant (951) 827-5604
Return to Work
Ariel Caluag Workers' Compensation & Disability Programs Manager (951) 827-4208
Workplace Health & Wellness
Demetrius Patrick Director of Benefits, Health & Wellness (951) 827-2561
Vacant Wellness Program Coordinator    
Kathy Mosley Administrative Assistant (951) 827-2336
Ed Marchall Occupational Wellness Specialist (951) 827-2561