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This policy, procedure and bargaining unit contract search tool is designed to assist departments in answering the most common questions related to human resources. Contact HR Policy or Employee & Labor Relations for additional guidance.

Please note: Policy documents are linked to the UCOP Policy website and changes will be reflected on the UCR HR website when the official documents are uploaded by UCOP. 


Absence from Work<
Abusive Conduct in the Workplace
Accommodation for Nursing Mothers
Administrative Leave (Leave with Pay)
Advancement (Promotion)
Administrative Stipend
Alternate Work Arrangements

Appointment (Initial Employment)

  • Background Check Requirement by Title Code
Appointments (Contract Positions)
Appointments (Partial-Year Positions)
Arbitration (Complaint Resolution)
Background Checks
Bereavement (Funeral) Leave
Blood Donations
Bonus Programs
Breaks (Rest Periods)



Call-Back Pay
Campus Closure (Curtailment)
Catastrophic Leave
Changing and/or Clean-Up Time
PPSM 36: Classification of Positions
Compensation (Salary, Wages, Pay)
Compensatory Time Off
Complaint Resolution (Grievance, Arbitration)
APM-140: Complaint Resolution (Non-Senate Non-Represented Appointees)
Conflict of Interest
Contracting for Services
Corrective Action (Discipline)
C-STOP Program
Campus Special Transfer Opportunity Program (C-STOP) is a campus program that allows organizational units to facilitate the placement of employees identified or confirmed for layoff into a vacant position, which is outside the eligible employee’s organizational unit.
Curtailment (Campus Closure)
Death Payments
Definitions of Terms
Disability (Medical) Leave
Discharge (Dismissal, Termination) Career Employees - PSS
Discharge (Dismissal, Termination) Career Employees - MSP Grades I-VII
Discharge (Dismissal, Termination) - Career Employees - MSP Grades VIII-IX
Discipline (Corrective Action)
Discrimination, Harassment and Affirmative Action in the Workplace


Employment Reduction in Time
E-Verify Local Procedure
Educational Leave (Professional Development
Electronic Communications
Employment References
Employment Related Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation Complaint and Resolution
Equipment and Tools
Equity Pay
Extended Sick Leave (Work-Incurred Injury & Illness)
Family & Medical Leave
Fingerprinting & Criminal History Record Check - Campus Procedure
  • Campus Procedure - Live Scan
  • Fingerprinting & Criminal History Record Check Campus Procedure for Individuals with Unescorted Access to Radioactive Material in Quantities of Concern
Flexible Work Arrangements
Funeral (Bereavement) Leave
Furlough (Partial-Year Employees)
PPSM-1: General Provisions
Grievances (Compliant Resolution)
Grievances (Non-Senate Non-Represented Appointees)


Hiring Bonus
Hours of Work 
I-9 Employment Eligibility
PPSM-34: Incentive and Recognition Award Plans
Indefinite Layoff
Investigatory Leave (Interim Suspension)
Job Interviews
Job Posting
Jury Duty Leave
Lactation Accommodation
Layoff and Reduction in Time

Leave of Absence

  • Family Medical Leave Fact Sheet
  • Pregnancy, Newborn, Child and Adopted Child
  • Benefits Billing and Return from Leave Information
  • Return from Leave Benefits Reinstatement Form
  • Pay for Family Care and Bonding (PFBC)

Leave of Absence

Letter of Warning (Written Warning)
Limited Appointment



Management Rights
Mandatory Posters
Meal Periods
Medical  (Disability) Leave
Medical Separation
Merit Increase
Military-Related Leaves
Moving Expense & Relocation Allowance for Staff Employees
Multiple Appointments
Near Relatives


On-Call Pay
Order of Layoff (Seniority)
Out of Class Assignment
Outsourcing for Covered Services
Parental Leave (Baby Bonding)
Partial-Year Career Positions
Pay (Wages, Salary, Compensation)
Performance Management
Personal Leave
Personnel Files
Personnel Policies for Staff Members
Positions (Types of Appointment)
Preferential Rehire from Layoff
Pregnancy Disability Leave (PDL)
Probationary Period
Professional Development
Promotion (Advancement)
Protective Clothing
UC BFB-RMP-7, Protection of Administrative Records Containing Personally Identifiable Information Policy


Reasonable Accommodation (Rehabilitation)
Recall from Layoff


  • Contracting for Service Guidelines
  • Guidance on Recruitment Through the Use of Social Media Networks
  • Guidance on Student Note Takers
Reduced Fee Enrollment
Reduction in Time (Temporary & Indefinite)
Reemployment of UC Retired Employees into Staff Positions
Release During Probationary Period or From Limited or Causal Restricted Appointments
Release Time for Development
Religious (Special) Holidays
Rest Periods (Breaks)
Retention Bonus
Salary (Wages, Pay, Compensation)
Salary Decrease (Reduction in pay)
Self-Identification Surveys FAQs - Academic & Staff Employees
Seniority (Order of Layoff)
Senior Management Personnel Policies
Sexual Harassment
Shift Differential
  • PPSM 30
  • Changes to Overtime and Shift Differential Calculations (not available at this time)
Sick Leave
Smoke/Tobacco Free Environment
Staff Recognition Awards
Statement of Privacy Value
Student Assistants (Salary Increases)
Student Employment Guidelines
Student Note Takers
Substance Abuse in the Workplace
Supplemental Sick Leave (for WC)
Suspension Without Pay


Telecommuting Procedure for Staff Members
Temporary Assignments
Temporary Layoff
Termination of Career PSS Employees
Termination of Career MSP Employees I-VII
Termination of Career MSP Employees VIII & IX
Tools and Equipment
Travel Time
  • PPSM 30
  • UCR 30
  • Notice of Law Prohibiting State Funding of Travel to Certain States
Trial/Reassignment Employment (Reasonable Accommodation)
Types of Appointment (Positions)
UCOP Human Resources Procedures - Introduction
UCR Campus Policies
Uniforms and Safety Apparel: PPSM-35
University Functions
Use of Volunteers
Veteran's Leave
Violence Prevention - Zero Tolerance
Voting Leave
Wages (Salary, Compensation, Pay)
Weekend Differential 
Whistleblower Protection
Witness Leave (Administrative Leave)
Workplace Conduct Policies
Work Rules
Work Schedule
Work Week
Work-Incurred Illness and Injury (Workers' Compensation)
Workers' Compensation
Working on a Holiday
Written Warning (Letter of Warning)

Bargaining Units & Contracts

Academic Researchers -  RA

United Auto Workers (UAW) 5810

Academic Student Employees - BX 

AGSE/United Auto Workers (UAW)

Clerical & Allied Services - CX

Teamsters Local 2010

Health Care Professionals - HX

University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE)

Professional Librarians - LX

American Federation of Teachers (AFT)

Non-Senate Instructional (Lecturers) - IX

American Federation of Teachers (AFT)

Registered Nurses - NX

California Nurses Association (CNA)

Physicians, Dentist and Podiatrists - DX

Union of Physicians and Dentists (UAPD)

Police Officers - PA

Federated University Police Officers Associations (FUPOA)

Postdoctoral Scholars - PX

United Auto Workers (UAW)

Patient Care Technical - EX

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)

Research Support Professionals - RX

University Professional and Technical Employees (AFSCME)

Service - SX

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)

Technical - TX

University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE)

UC Riverside Local Skilled Craft - K5

International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 501, AFL-CIO