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Personal finance budgeting allows you to account for what monies you have coming in and what monies you have flowing out of your accounts. Mastery of your finances, no matter your level of income is a matter of using this information to make decisions that increase the money you have coming in each month, and decrease the flow of cash you have leaving your possession. The basics of personal finance budgeting remains the same regardless of whether you choose to master your finances through additional investments, decreasing interest rates with consolidation loans, or a job promotion.

Financial Counseling


Founded in 1974 with a mission to help strengthen communities and improve the lives of Americans by offering consumer credit counseling services that promote financial literacy, homeownership and a healthy economy.

Be sure to check out their financial education materials where you'll find information on topics such as: budgeting 101, home finance, auto buying, and identity theft


A consumer credit counseling service established in 1964 as a non-profit organization dedicated to providing comprehensive personal finance solutions.

Budgeting Tips & Tools

  • Absolute Advantage: Fiscally Fit : The Workplace Wellness Magazine's article on Fiscal Fitness, addressing topics such as the state of personal finance in America, Corporate moves to defined contribution plans, Social Security, Medicare and more.
  • Live and Work Well : This United Behavioral Health website provides free, confidential online access to your mental health benefits, plus tools, information and resources to help enhance your health, work and life.
  • The Power of Paycheck Planning : From the Live Wise, Live Well workshop series and Springboard. An introduction to basic money management through planning, budgeting, and saving.
  • University of Illinois: Getting Through Tough Financial Times: Whether you are concerned with the decreasing value of your assets, or have lost your job or home, considering your money management strategies is key to minimizing the impact of your current financial situation. This website is designed to inform and assist you as you make important decisions during these tough financial times.
  • SparkPeople Financial Fitness Center: Information on exercising and eating healthy on a budget as well as general budgeting and saving tips
  • The Daily Green: 30+ Surprising Ways to Save Money by Going Green
  • The Dollar Stretcher : Practical money information. You'll find new material every day and a whole new front page each week. Their library contains thousands of articles on specific money-saving concepts. They also have an active Community where people share their money-saving ideas.

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