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Classification of Positions & Process Overview

Classification of New Positions/Existing Vacant Positions For Recruitment

For each new career position and limited appointment position for which a recruitment is to be conducted, Human Resources classifies the position.  To initiate the classification process for new positions, Position Descriptions should be submitted with the Employee Requisition form to Human Resources in accordance with the internal routing procedures of the particular organizational unit.

A master Position Description may be established for one (1) position filled by more than one (1) employee.  Human Resources will work with the supervisor to ensure position definition and required competencies, skills, abilities and knowledge are appropriate.  Additional information on submitting a new position for classification can be obtained from UCR Local Procedure 36 – Classification of Positions.

Classification of Contract Positions

Contract appointments are normally associated with projects that have a specific ending date; typically one year or less; and established at a fixed or variable percentage of time.  Contracts may be established for non-represented positions in either the Professional and Support Staff (PSS) program or Managers and Senior Professionals (MSP) program.  Additional information on establishing a contract appointment can be obtained from UCR Local Procedure 3 – Types of Appointments.