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Grievance Process

Grievance Process

Both the labor agreements for represented employees and the personnel policies for non-represented employees provide for the review of complaints and issues related to the employment relationship. These processes, normally referred to as grievance processes, are relatively standard between the various contracts and policy, in terms of the types of issues that may be grieved and the kind of process provided.

Grievances under the labor agreements are generally defined as a written complaint by an employee, or the union, involving an alleged violation of a specific provision of the agreement. Under personnel policy, a grievance is an alleged violation of a specific Personnel Policy for Staff Members (PPSM), or a complaint regarding a management act that adversely affects the terms and conditions of employment.

There are actually two components to these processes – the grievance process, which is an internal management level review, and the hearing process, which is a neutral third party review of the matter. Not all issues may be grieved – e.g., release during probation and exercise of management rights may not. Additionally, only certain grievable issues can be taken to hearing– e.g., discipline, dismissal, medical separation, shift differential pay, and allegations regarding certain employee rights such as vacation, holidays.

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