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Disciplinary & Corrective Actions

Employees are expected to meet performance standards and to conduct themselves appropriately in the workplace.  Disciplinary or corrective action is a process to improve unacceptable behavior or performance, when other methods such as counseling and performance appraisal have not been successful.

In cases of serious misconduct, it is appropriate to proceed straight to disciplinary action by consulting with Labor Relations.

Types of Disciplinary Action

Disciplinary action may be in the form of written warning, suspension, reduction in pay, demotion or termination.  Contracts and policies require that certain procedural elements be included in a disciplinary notice.

Labor Relations staff advise on procedural issues, assist in determining the appropriate level of discipline, and provide technical assistance as necessary.  Policies and collective bargaining agreements allow non-probationary employees to file grievances if they disagree with disciplinary action.  If disciplinary action is to be effective, it must be administered in a manner which will withstand a challenge under the relevant grievance procedure.

Supervisors may use the following samples to compose a counseling memo or letter of warning:

Employee Rights to Representation

When meetings are convened by University management for the purpose of investigating facts which could reasonably lead to disciplinary action, an employee is entitled to have a representative present at the meeting if he or she requests one.

Routine meetings called to discuss performance issues, including evaluations or work instructions, do not ordinarily give rise to representation rights unless there are unusual circumstances.

Additional Information

Labor Relations staff are available to coordinate and be present at meetings with employees and their representatives. Contact Labor Relations if you have further questions about representation.

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