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Recruitment Tools & Resources

Recruitment Tools & Resources

The following tools and resources are available to assist with the recruitment and selection process. Refer to the Selection & Recruitment Guidelines for additional information on the appropriate timing and use of these tools and resources.

Advertising & Sourcing


Job Target

UC Riverside has contracted with JobTarget to provide on-line and print media advertising. Through JobTarget's OneClick product, open positions can be easily launched to various job boards including niche sites by posting, with a single click of a button. A dedicated account manager will work with you to ensure you clearly understand the best places to spend your recruiting dollars, based on data.

In addition to posting jobs, JobTarget offers additional services to assist you with your recruiting needs:

  • Print Publication Recruitment Advertising – JobTarget will create a display ad, obtain a quote and process the ad for you.
  • Media Recommendations – To assist you with a difficult to fill position, JobTarget can recommend niche, regional, national or diversity media advertising and provide strategic proposals.
  • Media Campaigns – JobTarget's Digital Media Strategist can develop a single campaign around a market segment or map out your entire annual advertising plan.
  • Job Board Networks – The vertical network products in OneClick will provide your ad with exposure on multiple relevant job boards, by appearing within a rotating banner.

How to Access JobTarget:  Contact Stephanie Davis, Sr. Employment/Staffing Analyst at 

How to Use JobTarget: Download the Using Job Target for Recruitment Advertising How-to Guide.

How to Pay for JobTarget: Upon check-out you will have two options to make a payment for your advertisement.

  • To be invoiced - enter the purchase order (P.O.) number on the cart summary section of the check-out page
  • Use Procurement Card (ProCard) - enter your department issued ProCard information as required on the JobTarget webpage.


Diversity Agencies

Agencies which assist women and under-represented groups are another great source of talent

Developing relationships and a pipeline of potential candidates with these agencies allows candidates to have a better understanding of your staffing needs and the University's mission and values

Contact Human Resources for more information on diversity agencies.

Resume Banks

Resume banks are another good source for identifying qualified candidates. Job seekers post their resume to these which are then searched by prospective employers. The following resume banks provide access to UCR HR Departmental and Organization HR Coordinators:

  • Southern California Higher Education
Social Media

LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are good alternative recruiting sources. Contact your Shared Service Center or Emma Geach, Sr. Employment/Staffing Analyst at learn more about these tools. Refer to the Social Media Guidelines.

Pre-employment Assessments

Tests and other selection methods such as requesting work samples are additional tools used to assess candidates.

The Office of the President (OP) has established guidelines to ensure compliance with our obligations under anti-discrimination policies and statutes.The guidelines are summarized in a short training course for hiring departments and Human Resources professionals. Registration for the Pre-employment Testing Guidelines course is available via the UC Learning Center.

Please note: Internet Explorer users, please use the compatibility view mode on your browser to avoid limited system functionality. For step-by-step instructions on using compatibility view once you have logged into the UC Learning Center, please see the UC Learning Center webpage. For assistance with the UC Learning Center please contact

The guidelines include the following key points:

  • Only 3rd party validated (vendor provided) assessments may be used
  • Work samples (e.g. portfolios and writing samples) are not considered assessments
  • The importance of being responsive to candidates who request accommodation due to disability in order to take a 3rd party provider test.  Departments should contact the Disability Manager
  • The importance of providing a fair and consistent testing process and ensuring record-keeping requirements are met

A short quiz is incorporated to test knowledge of key concepts.

Because tests must be validated using statistical methods and administered consistently across the hiring process, all tests, along with their administration procedure and scoring rubric, must be approved by Human Resources and the Office of Faculty and Staff Affirmative Action prior to use.

Additional Information

Reference Checking

SkillSurvey is a leading provider of automated reference checking and is currently used by several UC locations. SkillSurvey’s team of expert industrial and organizational psychologists have developed over 300 surveys across 23 different job families and 2,000 job titles. Each survey contains behaviorally-based questions which allow hiring managers to obtain job –related behaviors critical to a new hire’s success on the job.

Using SkillSurvey in place of traditional phone checks to conduct references reduces time, energy, and money by offering hiring managers the ability to:

 Traditional Phone ChecksSkillSurvey Reference Assessment
Obtain more references 2-3 references 5+ business references which include
at a minimum 2 supervisors/managers
Obtain quicker results 3-5 days 1-2 days
Pause a hiring decision <1% of candidates 5-10% of candidates

To review survey samples and to begin using SkillSurvey, contact your Department Human Resources point of contact.

Guidelines for conducting references can be found in the Recruitment and Selection Guidelines.


The recruitment and selection process is governed by internal policies, Affirmative Action regulations and Equal Employment Opportunity laws. To assist individuals involved in the search process, several learning activities are offered that provide guidance and information on best practices and legal obligations.  It is recommended that all individuals involved in the recruitment process attend training to ensure compliance with policies, laws and regulations. It is required that all members of search committees receive training before participating in a search.

To meet these training requirements, members should choose at least one of the following training opportunities available through the UC Learning Center.

  • Affirmative Action 101 (In-person workshop, check for availability)
  • Recruitment & Selection Strategies for the Hiring Manager (In-person workshop, check for availability)
  • Supporting the Recruitment & Selection Process (In-person workshop, check for availability)
  • Recruitment Advertising & Affirmative Action Webinar (online webinar)
  • Diversify and Train the Search Committee (online tutorial)
  • Applicant Pool Statistics & Creating Diverse Applicant Pools (online tutorial)

Virtual Interviews

To reduce travel costs and time associated with interviewing out of area applicants, virtual interviews can provide an alternative method to the in-person interview.

UC Riverside has partnered with GreenJobInterview, a web-based service that provides hiring departments with a "green" way to interview out of area job candidates.

Some of the benefits of using this service include:

  • Interviewers log in through a UCR-branded page.
  • All users are re-directed to the UCR Jobs Website at the end of their interview.
  • provides a secure server to maintain confidentiality over the web.

Out-of-area candidates can be interviewed from the privacy of their own home or office, which saves time, eliminates travel expenses and speeds up the hiring process.

To help ensure that the candidate's experience is positive, we suggest that you allot a minimum of 60 minutes to interview the person (depending upon the position).

To inquire about the services available and associated costs contact:

Kyle Shimoda
Customer Success Manager
(714) 418-5841

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