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In certain instances external recruiting services may be needed in addition to or in place of internal recruiting efforts for direct or temporary placements. A fee is typically associated with the use of these agencies and only those agencies which have been secured through the system wide co-primary agreements (issued by the UC Office of the President) may be engaged.

Staffing Agencies

  • Staffing agencies (also referred to as temporary agencies) identify candidates to work on a temporary basis on a specific project or work assignment
  • The agency is responsible for recruiting, screening, conducting background checks and supervision of the assigned temporary worker
  • The agency charges a fee which is typically a percentage added to the temporary worker’s hourly rate for a fixed period of time. This fee is charged for all hours worked by the temporary worker
  • The temporary worker is an employee of the agency and wages are paid through the agency
  • For more information on identifying, placing and managing temporary worker assignments, refer to the Temporary Worker Guidelines
  • Refer to the  Temporary Employee Services for a list of approved agencies
  • Contract information for approved agencies can be found at the UC Office of the President Purchasing Services – Agreements Database when sorting by Temporary Staffing Services

Contingency Search Firms

Contingency search firms are agencies, which are paid a fee if and when a candidate is located for the position. They are sometimes used in addition to internal recruitment efforts to broaden the scope of the search for identifying candidates with niche skill sets or for management level positions.

Executive Search Firms

Executive search firms are sometimes introduced in order to broaden the scope of the search and better meet our goal of attaining diversity. Executive search firms are typically used for hiring into Dean, Senior Management Group, and other Senior-level Administrator positions. Positions up to Associate Vice Chancellor must be posted to UCR’s Job Board. The following are guidelines for departments to follow when utilizing a search firm:

  • Prior to engaging with an executive search firm, the Organizational Unit/Department hiring manager should contact the HR Director of Talent Acquisition.  
  • Departments should engage in extensive outreach and recruitment to ensure that all potential applicants have equal opportunity to compete for the position
  • Hiring managers should review and understand the affirmative action placement goals for hiring women or under-represented groups in the job group for which they are searching
  • The hiring manager is expected to convey to the search firm(s) the University’s commitment to and interest in obtaining a diverse pool of candidates. Where there is underutilization and/or affirmative action goals, search processes, including search firms, should engage in targeted recruitment activities that are consistent with University policy and designed to ensure that qualified women and minorities are well represented in applicant pools for staff positions
  • For positions not required to be posted to UCR’s Job Board, the executive search agency shall ensure EEO surveys are provided to all applicants
  • The hiring manager is expected to review the applicant pool to determine whether it is adequately diverse and, if not, she or he should consult with the AACO and work with the search firm to consider extending the scope of the recruitment efforts to obtain additional diversity
  • For positions not required to be posted to UCR’s Job Board, the hiring manager is responsible for sending the resumes of those applicants considered, plus the completed Recruitment Activity Report, to Human Resources and documenting the applicant hired and the reasons for non-selection of all other applicants who were referred

A listing of approved search firms and their contracts can be found at the UC Office of the President Purchasing Services – Agreements Database when sorting by Executive Recruitment

To ensure compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action laws, the Search Firm Applicant Tracking guidelines are to be followed.

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