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UCR Local Procedure 81: Reasonable Accommodation

UCR Local Procedure 81: Reasonable Accommodation
Revised July 2018

I. Summary 
In accordance with PPSM-81: Reasonable Accommodation, the University of California (UC), Riverside campus provides reasonable accommodation to otherwise qualified employees who are disabled or become disabled and need assistance to perform the essential functions of their positions. Reasonable Accommodation is addressed through the use of the interactive process to determine what, if any, reasonable accommodation will be made.
II. Related Policies and References
  A. Personnel Policy 2.210 - Absence from Work 
  B. Personnel Policy 12 - Non-Discrimination in Employment
  C. Personnel Policy 14 - Affirmative Action
  D. Personnel Policy 20 - Recruitment and Promotion
  E. Personnel Policy 21 - Selection and Appointment
  F. Personnel Policy 66 - Medical Separation
  G. Personnel Policy 81 - Reasonable Accommodation
  H. UCR Recruitment and Selection Guidelines for Staff Positions
III. Procedures
These procedures outline the process to document the effort(s) undertaken by the University and the employee with a disability to identify and implement a reasonable accommodation.
Interactive Process
  A. The interactive process is an ongoing dialog between the employee with a disability and appropriate representatives of the University regarding possible accommodations.
  B. An employee with a disability may start the interactive process by asking for an accommodation from the department or the Disability Management office. A request for a work-related adjustment or change for a reason related to a mental or physical disability may be made orally or in writing by the employee, or by someone on their behalf.
  C. The interactive process should begin once the University becomes aware of a potential need for a reasonable accommodation.
  D. The department is responsible for the identification of the essential functions of the job, and evaluating options for reasonable accommodation.
  E. In considering the overall reasonableness of possible accommodations, the department, in consultation with the Disability Management office, should evaluate the effectiveness of each in enabling the individual with a disability to perform the essential functions of the job.
  F. Implement the reasonable accommodation.
  G. Any accommodation that is implemented should be reviewed periodically by the employee and the department to ensure continuing effectiveness. If the accommodation is no longer effective or no longer needed, the Disability Management office should be contacted.
IV. Medical Documentation 
The employee is responsible for providing medical documentation to assist in assessing the extent of the employee's functional limitations and facilitate the interactive process to determine possible reasonable accommodations.
V. Special Selection
  A. If efforts to provide all other types of reasonable accommodation are unsuccessful, transfer or reassignment of an employee with a disability to an open and vacant position will be considered as an accommodation option.
  B. Please consult with the Disability Management office to coordinate efforts to explore this option.

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