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Human Resources Management System

The Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is a collaboration between Human Resources, Information Technology Solutions (ITS) and our HR system users as part of an ongoing effort to provide the campus with updated HR technology. The objectives of the HRMS include:

  • Centralize UCR developed Staff HR tools into a single software application
  • Provide a similar navigation and user experience as the UCR Career Tracks system
  • Current functionality maintained, and where possible improved
  • Multi-platform accessibility for desktop and mobile devices

The HRMS is intended for current users of iRecruit, Career Tracks, Job Description System (JDS) and iReview systems who have a designated EACS role. Other users include employees to whom actions are checked out for review and/or approval.

HRMS Contact Information

Accessing the Human Resources Management System (HRMS)

To access the HRMS, click on the link on R’Space under the “Authorized Apps” tab or enter in an internet browser (Chrome and Firefox are recommended; Internet Explorer (IE) is not supported).

HRMS Modules

Contract Out
The Contract Out Module is UCR's online repository of contracts initiated for Contract. Based on your EACS role(s), using the Contract Out Module you may be able to initiate, edit, approve, view, and search Contract actions.
Job Code Information
Formerly UCR’s Title & Pay Plan (TPP) system. The Job Code Information Module is UCR’s online repository of job classifications extended to UCR for use. Using the Job Code Information Module, you can search for available UCR job codes/titles and view the corresponding Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Coverage, Personnel Program, Representation information, Job Standard/Series Concept, Salary Structure & Range, and Additional Pay Types (such as Shift Differentials & On-Call rates) as applicable.
Job Builder
Formerly UCR’s Career Tracks (CT) system and Job Description System (JDS). The Job Builder Module is UCR’s online repository of job descriptions. Based on your EACS role(s), using the Job Builder Module, you may be able to initiate a new job description, search, edit and approve modifications to existing job descriptions.

Replaces a subset of existing iRecruit functionality. The Recruitment Module is UCR’s online repository of recruitment actions that have been initiated for recruitment.  Based on your EACS role(s), using the Recruitment Module you may be able to initiate, edit, approve, view and search Recruitment actions. Job positing actions are transitioned to iRecruit where recruitment and selection actions are processed.

Formerly UCR’s iReview system. The Review Module is UCR’s online staff Reclassification, Reclassification Salary Review, and Equity review system. Based on your EACS role(s), using the Review Module, you may be able to initiate, edit, approve, finalize, view and search Review actions.

Recognizing the importance and value of our end users’ unique perspectives, opportunities to incorporate user input into the design and implementation was made available. Organization representatives can be found in the HRMS End Users - Organization Representatives webpage.

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