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Employee & Labor Relations Forms and Documents

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 Please check back for the following letter templates. If you should have any questions or have an immediate need, please contact the Employee & Labor Relations Department.
Layoff Resources for Employees
Proposal for Reduction In Time or Layoff
Seniority Points
Notification of Indefinite Layoff
  • Physicians, Dentists and Podiatrists (DX)
 Notifications of Indefinite Reduction in Time
  • Non-Represented Staff Employees
  • Non Senate Instructional Unit Continuing Lecturer (IX)
  • Non Senate Instructional Unit Pre Six-year Lecturer (IX)
  • Research Support Professional (RX)
  • Technical Unit Employees (TX)
Notification of Indefinite Reduction in time to Partial-Year Position
  • Clerical Unit Employees (CX)
  • Non-Represented Staff Employees
  • Research Support Professional (RX)
  • Service Unit Employees (SX)
  • Technical Unit Employees (TX)
Notifications of Temporary Layoff
  • Research Support Professional (RX)
Notification of Temporary Reduction in Time
Severance Election


Medical Separation
Notices of Intent to Medically Separate
  • Please check back for updated Notices of Intent to Medically Separate

Notices of Medical Separation
  • Please check back for updated Notices of Medical Separation