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Remote / Hybrid Work

UCR strives to be an employer of choice, providing flexibility in line with today’s workforce needs

At UCR we also want to unearth new discoveries, deliver a high-quality educational experience, and provide services in support of student success. Ultimately, we need to consider work location in the context of both individual performance and community. How location impacts colleagues, professional development, our collegial network, output, space constraints, and sustainability goals are all to be considered.

A Deliberate Process

Managers will do their best to provide 30 days advance notice of changes to current work arrangements and afford flexibility for staff. 

A work schedule that includes some hybrid (or use flexible) remote options can be beneficial for employee recruitment and retention, and employee engagement and well-being, if feasible relative to addressing institutional requirements. However, in some cases an all-remote work schedule may not be optimal for the department and University. The specific duties and responsibilities of a position dictate whether remote work is an option.

Supervisors and employees should work together to assess flexible workplace options, manage workload, set expectations, and maintain communications, whether the employee is working in a remote or hybrid-remote environment, or utilizing another flexible arrangement.

Resources will be coming soon; in the interim, please visit Work/Life - Alternative (Flexible) Work Schedules.