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Accessing HRMS
  • On November 2, 2020, click on or enter in an internet browser. Note:  Chrome and Firefox are recommended; Internet Explorer (IE) is not supported.
    • Beginning November 7, 2020, individuals who have been granted an HRMS EACS role will also be able to access HRMS via R’Space on the “Authorized Apps” tab.
  •  Available HRMS Modules
    • Job Code Information
    • The following HRMS modules will be available to users depending upon their HRMS EACS role(s):
      • Job Builder
      • Recruitment
      • Review
    • Note:  If you have not yet been granted an HRMS EACS role and believe you should, contact your Department SAA.
Getting Started
  • Beginning November 2, 2020, HRMS EACS users can begin initiating new Job Descriptions, Recruitments and Review cases.
    • HRMS EACS users will also be able to Check Out cases to the following individuals:
      • UCR Staff or Faculty Employees
      • UCR Affiliates with a UCR NetID
Career Tracks (CT) Migration - Email Notifications
  • Beginning November 2, 2020, HRMS EACS users will receive email notifications related to the inactivation of Career Tracks job descriptions as a result of them being migrated to HRMS.
    • This means the Department HR Coordinator and/or Organization HR Coordinator does not have to manually inactivate the job description in Career Tracks.
    • Migration and inactivation of the job description in Career Tracks will allow for any future actions related to HRMS for those employees to be initiated in HRMS.
    • This email is intended to provide transparency to the user, just as Career Tracks currently does, for system initiated actions and is for informational purposes only.
    • No further action is required at this time.
      • It is optional, but not necessary, for you to verify the job description is classified in HRMS Job Builder
Job Description System (JDS) Instantiation
  • Beginning November 2, 2020, HRMS Department HR Coordinators will have non-template (JDS) instantiated job descriptions in their HRMS Job Builder My WIP Job Descriptions queue.
  • Instantiation instructions will be emailed later this week.
  • The completion deadline date for instantiated job descriptions is to be determined and will be communicated.
    • Any employee who you need to initiate an HRMS action will need to have their instantiated job description classified prior to initiating the new HRMS action.
HRMS Resources
  • Please visit the HRMS website for helpful information to include:
    • HRMS Preview Videos
    • HRMS User Guides
    • HRMS Roles Matrices
    • Virtual Instructor-Led Training slide decks
    • Job Aids (quick reference documents)
    • Infographics
    • FAQs
    • HRMS Recorded Trainings (coming soon)
Post-Go-Live Support

For questions, please email

HRMS Background Information

The Human Resources Management System (HRMS) is a collaboration between Human Resources, Information Technology Solutions (ITS) and our HR system users as part of an ongoing effort to provide the campus with updated HR technology. The HRMS will centralize UCR developed HR tools into a single application and will contain the following modules:

  • Job Code Information: Replaces UCR Title and Pay Plan (TPP) containing job code attribute information.
  • Job Builder: Expands the UCR Career Tracks system to incorporate the Job Description System (JDS) resulting in all job descriptions being created and maintained in a single application.
  • Recruitment: Replaces a subset of existing iRecruit functionality.
  • Review: Replaces iReview; Reclassification, Reclass Salary Review and Equity actions.