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The UC CORO leadership development program leverages inter-campus and cross-functional involvement from the design, development, and execution of initiatives. The UC CORO program is designed for directors and above. Participants are given field study opportunities to work on specific campus or medical center leadership initiatives. UCR has had the most faculty involvement and has experienced rich learning due the diversity of knowledge each member brings.


  • Enhanced leadership abilities through exposure to and practice with a broad array of leadership tools and concepts that emphasize self and group awareness, interpersonal communication, and insightful analysis of resources and systems.

  • A deepened connection to peers and colleagues and an on-going network of leaders that transcends boundaries across UC.

  • An increased confidence to initiate positive change and innovation across all levels of UC.

  • Improved relationships between UC leaders; the beginning of a cultural shift across the UC system that will yield more collaborative partnerships

Events and Courses

  • Cafe CORO – a networking coffee/tea event for CORO alumni and participants to meet.

    • Please Note: Meetings will be held on the 29th of each month at the Starbucks in Glenmor unless the date falls on a weekend. There will be no December meeting.
  • UC-CORO Systemwide Leadership Collaborative – This leadership program will focus on the benefits of inter-campus and cross functional involvement. With the program being tailored at the director level and above, the participants will have field study opportunities to work on a specific campus or a medical center leadership initiative. For more information, visit the program webpage.

  • UC Women’s Initiative for Professional Development – UC Women's Initiative (WI) is a four-session program designed in collaboration between UC Systemwide Advisory Committee on the Status of Women (SACSW) and UC Systemwide Talent Management, and delivered by CORO, a non-profit leadership development organization that has been delivering programs at UC since 2006. The UC WI program is designed for mid-career women, both faculty and staff, who demonstrate the potential to advance their careers at UC. For more information, visit the program webpage.



For more information about the UC CORO Leadership Development Program:

To see the 2017 Leadership Collaborative Program Schedule, please click here.

Please note: CORO participants are nominated by cabinet members

Congratulations to our 2017
Incoming Cohort!

Allison Cantwell

Assistant Vice Chancellor
Institutional Research

(951) 827-3296

Kaitlin Chell

Federal Relations

(951) 827-8324

Jay Farrell

Professor and Chair
Electrical & Computer Engineering

(951) 827-2159

Ian Foster

Chief of Staff
University Advancement

(951) 827-5203

Brenda Ice

Assistant Dean
Residential Life & Services

(951) 827-6505

Sang-Hee Lee

Associate Dean
College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences (CHASS)

(951) 827-4390

Elizabeth Mondragon

Interim Senior Director
Student Health

(951) 827-5531

Andy Plumley

Assistant Vice Chancellor
Housing and Dining Services

(951) 827-7711

Ahmad Rahmani

Strategic Project Management

(951) 827-4109

Marie Schultz

Assistant Vice Chancellor

(951) 827-6302

2016 CORO Graduates

Kendrick Davis Director, Medical Education, Research & Evaluation
Co-Director, Longitudinal Ambulatory Clinical Experiences (LACE)

(951) 827-7692

Rebecca Goldware
Chief of Staff
Research & Economic Development
(951) 827-4611
Mariam Lam

Associate Vice Chancellor, Diversity & Inclusion
Vice Chair, UCR Academic Senate
Director, Southeast Asian Studies
Associate Professor, Comparative Literature

(951) 827-5672
Nosan Myung
Professor & Department Chair
Chemical & Environmental Engineering


Veronica Ruiz

Assistant Dean
Chief Financial & Administrative Officer

(951) 827-2316
Sharon Walker

Associate Dean, Bourns College of Engineering
John Babbage Chair, Environmental Engineering
Professor, Chemical & Environmental Engineering

(951) 827-4580
Gillian Wilson

Professor, Physics & Astronomy
College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences (CNAS)


2016 Resources

2015 CORO Graduates

Jorge Acona Assistant Vice Chancellor,
Alumni and Constituent Relations

(951) 827-4511

Georgiana Carlson

Associate Vice Chancellor
Chief Financial & Administrative Officer
Business Services Administration (BAS)

(951) 827-8222
Peter Graham

Professor, Philosophy & Linguistics
Associate Dean, Student Academic Affairs
College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences (CHASS)

(951) 827-2763
Jadie Lee

Associate Vice Chancellor
Human Resources

(951) 827-1431

Bobbi McCracken

Associate Vice Chancellor
Business and Financial Services

(951) 827-3303

Michael Nduati

Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs
Director, LACE
Director, Hospital Medicine

(951) 827-7662

2015 Resources

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