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Human Resources Fire Update

February 25, 2015

Last week an electrical problem caused a fire in the attic space of the HR building.  No employees were harmed in the fire, and we did not lose any documents. As a result of our nightly backup process, no data was lost.  Thanks to C&C and BAS IT all HR systems and staff were back online within 5 hours.

The building cannot be occupied in its current state, and therefore HR staff have been temporarily relocated. Within moments of the fire, our neighbors at UNEX offered us temporary space to house several of our HR units in the immediate short term, and others will be housed in the Surge building. During this period of time our phone numbers will remain unchanged, and interoffice mail can be sent to HR at Surge 310C.  If you have a meeting scheduled with HR staff, please check your calendar to confirm the location as we have made alternate arrangements for those meetings which were scheduled to take place in the HR building.

Many people contributed to our ability to rebound so quickly from this situation. We want to thank the entire campus community for the outpouring of support and assistance we have experienced. We are extremely proud to be part of this caring campus community. 


Update: Anthem Data Breach

Anthem, Inc. has created a website ( or for the Spanish-language version) to allow current and previous members impacted by the recent cyber attack on Anthem to enroll in two years of free credit monitoring and identity theft repair services.

Previous UC Anthem members (those enrolled during the last 10 years in the UC-sponsored Anthem Blue Cross PPO, PLUS, Lumenos, Core, the Medicare Core, PPO, and High Option plans, as well as UC Student Health plans administered by Anthem) with questions should visit Anthem’s website for more information. Anthem has also established a dedicated toll-free number for individuals to call if they have questions related to this incident. That number is (877)-263-7995. Phone lines will be open 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. PT Monday to Saturday.

Anthem had previously indicated that they would not be sending information to impacted members via e-mail. We have now received an update from Anthem indicating that members who have provided e-mail addresses to Anthem and have opted in to receive electronic communications may in fact receive an e-mail directing them to visit to sign up for services. This e-mail, sent due to state notification requirements, is scheduled to be distributed the week of Feb. 16. The e-mail will not ask for personal information and will not contain a link to any websites other than Letters to impacted members via USPS are still planned for the coming weeks.

UCOP has also updated the information about this event on UCnet at


UC and Teamsters Settlement of Unfair Labor Practice Charges related to Counseling Memos containing Disciplinary Language

On January 28, 2015, the Teamsters and the UC entered into an agreement (attached) settling two unfair practice charges filed at other UC campuses involving counseling memos which allegedly contained “disciplinary” language. The settlement includes a thirty (30) day period (January 28 through February 27) for employees in the CX unit to request that counseling memos which contain language which they believe is disciplinary be amended to exclude such language.  

UC Policy and collective bargaining agreements for the vast majority of our represented staff specifically state that counseling memos are not discipline. Counseling memos are intended to document oral coaching and counseling provided by a supervisor in response to an employee’s poor conduct or performance.

It has been the consistent advice of UCR’s Human Resources that counseling memos not appear to be disciplinary actions. To this end, the UCR HR website includes a template (Counseling Memo - Sample Letter) for supervisors to use when issuing counseling memos. Notably, this template does not refer to the discipline/corrective action policy/contract provisions; does not characterize the action as ‘discipline’; and does not articulate disciplinary consequences for continued similar conduct/performance. As such, we do not anticipate there will be many requests for amendment to counseling memos on our campus.

We expect that employees may request to view their personnel files and may possibly request amendments to counseling memos contained therein. Any requests to amend counseling memos should be referred to Employee & Labor Relations.

Going forward, please ensure that counseling memos for all employees do not include disciplinary language. Employee & Labor Relations staff are available to review any such memos prior to issuance.

If you have any questions, please contact the Employee and Labor Relations Office at (951) 827-3641. Thank you.


Anthem Data Breach

On February 4, 2015, Anthem, Inc. was the target of a very sophisticated external cyber attack and data for its 80 million members was accessed. The University has been in contact with Anthem and has confirmed that information about UC students, faculty, staff and retirees, as well as their dependents, has potentially been accessed. Once the attack was discovered, Anthem immediately made every effort to close the security vulnerability, contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and began fully cooperating with their investigation.

These cyber attackers gained unauthorized access to personal information for current and former members, such as their names (employees, retirees, students and their dependents), birthdays, member health ID numbers/Social Security numbers, street addresses, email addresses and employment information such as the UC campus or medical center location. Anthem has informed us that the data in the IT system that was breached contained information on members from 2006 to present.

Anthem’s investigation to date indicates there is no evidence that banking, financial or medical information, such as claims, test results, or diagnostic codes were targeted or compromised. Anthem will enroll members affected by the attack in identity repair services and impacted members will be provided information on how to enroll in free credit monitoring.

Anthem has developed a dedicated website and an FAQ that provides the most updated information on the Anthem breach.

Additional information specific to UC can be found on UCnet.

IMPORTANT:  Anthem will be contacting current and former members via mail delivered by the U.S. Postal Service.  Anthem will not be calling members directly, nor will Anthem be emailing members. Members should beware of scam email campaigns (or phishing) disguising to be Anthem, see example here.


Bargaining Bulletin: UC Reaches Agreement with IUOE Skilled Crafts Unit

On December 10, 2014, representatives of UC and IUOE Local 501 came to a tentative agreement on a successor contract covering Skilled Crafts Unit (K5) staff. The bargaining unit members ratified the agreement on December 12, 2014.

The multiyear agreement for this bargaining unit will be posted to the HR website as soon as it has been finalized by the parties. HR will provide training for those responsible for administering the contract. Questions about new provisions should be directed to Alex Najera at x2-4721.


Career Tracks

Career Tracks is a system-wide job classification structure initially targeted for non-represented staff employees that will be implemented at all UC locations. The Career Tracks framework aligns jobs with similar positions internally and in the external marketplace. Career Tracks supports the development of career paths that enhance career mobility and helps focus development activities for employees. For more information, you are welcome to visit the Careers Tracks website.


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Organizational Charts

Human Resources is responsible for managing the overall Organizational Chart process for the UCR campus. This includes providing a web location where the most up-to-date, standardized campus organizational charts can be found.  In addition, the process for submitting changes or updating Organizational Charts is provided.

Organizational Chart Change Request

If you would like to make a change or update your Organizational Chart, please visit the UCR Organizational Charts Change Request page. This page contains the information needed to assist you in processing your change request.

Campus Organizational Charts
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Name Title Telephone E-Mail

Jadie Lee

Associate Vice Chancellor (951)


(Interim Basis)
Human Resources Assistant



Heidie Rhodes Benefits Manager (951)
Veronica Luna Health Care Facilitator (951)
Alisha French Senior HR Program Analyst (951) 827-1434

Compensation & Classification

Linda Gaddie Compensation Manager (951) 827-2464
Scott Biggerstaff Total Compensation Analyst (951)

Jennifer Poliakon Total Compensation Analyst (951)

Chrystelle Zimmerman Career Tracks Project Manager (951) 827-5086

Disability Management

Marsha Marion Disability Management Coordinator (951)

Employee & Labor Relations

Elizabeth Sanchez Employee & Labor Relations Director (951)
Jake Hurley Pr. Employee & Labor Relations Analyst (951) 827-2847
Alex Najera

Pr. Employee & Labor Relations Analyst

(951) 827-4721
Paul Wood

Employee & Labor Relations Specialist

(951) 827-5092
Mariela Roberts Employee & Labor Relations Assistant (951)


Yvonne Ybarra

Ergonomic Specialist

(951) 827-3010

Policy, Programs & Projects

Heidie Rhodes Policy, Programs & Projects Manager (951)
Jorge Sanchez Data, Program & Communications Analyst (951) 827-3195

Staff Development

Seana Nunez-Grider

Sr. Staff Development Analyst (951)

Lauren Cummings

UC Learning Center Administrator (951)

Kimberly Grossmann

Human Resources Assistant (951)

Staff Employment

Lorena Velasquez Staff Employment  Manager (951)
Emma Geach Sr. Employment Analyst (951)
Kai Buckner Sr. Employment Analyst (951)
Stephanie Davis Sr. Recruitment Analyst (951) 827-3145


Julie Chobdee Wellness Program Coordinator (951)


Heidie Rhodes Policy, Programs & Projects Manager (951)

Workers' Compensation

Nini Furst Workers' Compensation Analyst (951)

Workplace Health & Wellness

Marsha Marion

Workplace Health & Wellness Manager

Julie Chobdee Wellness Program Coordinator (951)
Nini Furst Workers' Compensation Analyst (951)
Kathy Mosley Workplace Health & Wellness Assistant (951) 827-2336



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