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UC Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Mandatory for staff at all UC locations / Must be completed by May 1, 2016

This course is being offered as part of the University's efforts to prevent and respond to sexual violence and sexual harassment, and will better prepare all of us to make UC a safer place for faculty, staff, and students. The training will take approximately 50 minutes to complete. To access the course, please click here.


University of California Changes Retirement Benefits for Future Employees

The University of California will be changing the way they handle retirement income for people hired after July 1, 2016.

The changes will not affect current employees. Two webinars are planned to discuss the task force retirement benefits recommendations and field questions from interested faculty and staff. All members of the UC community are invited to attend.

  • February 10 / 1:00 p.m.

To register, or to find out more, read on here.


Apply by March 4 to be the next staff advisor to UC Regents

The application period for the next staff advisor to the UC Regents is now open, and eligible employees at all locations are encouraged to apply through March 4, 2016.

Staff advisors are staff or non-Senate academic employees who bring the voice and perspective of these employees to UC Board of Regents deliberations and to decision-makers at the Office of the President. Staff advisors participate in open sessions and designated committees of the board.

Each of the two staff advisors serves two years. The terms are staggered, with one new staff advisor selected each year. The term for the staff advisor position that is open for applications runs from July 2016 to June 2018.

You are eligible to serve in this role if you:

  • Are a staff or non-Senate academic employee. The seat is open to both non-represented and represented employees.
  • Have at least five years of UC service

The current staff advisors are Deidre “De” Acker, director of campus climate at UC Merced, whose term expires in June, and LaWana Richmond, a business analyst at UC San Diego whose term expires in 2017.

“The role of the Staff Advisor to the Regents was a huge learning experience, even after 27 years in the UC system,” Acker said. “We say that we advisors ‘plant seeds’ so I am looking forward to seeing how those seeds will be cultivated by the staff advisors in the future.”

You can learn more about the program and how to apply by the March 4 deadline on the staff advisor website.

Questions about the staff advisor position or the application process should be directed to Juliann Martinez, UC Office of the President Employee Relations, at 510-287-3331 or via email:


Minimum Wage for California Will Increase from $9.00/Hour to $10.00/Hour Effective January 1, 2016

The California state minimum wage is increasing to $10.00/hour effective January 1, 2016. To ensure our compliance with the new minimum wage law, UCR’s salary range minimums that fall below $10.00/hour will be adjusted upward to $10.00/hour effective December 20, 2015 which is the beginning of the biweekly pay period that includes January 1, 2016. Learn more


Career Tracks – Next Steps & Post-Deployment Timeline

Thank you to everyone who participated in the partnership to successfully implement Career Tracks at UC Riverside. Our implementation was effective September 27, 2015 for nonexempt employees and October 1, 2015 for exempt employees. For news regarding the post-deployment timeline and next steps, please see our update on the HR Career Tracks website.


Performance Appraisal Process and Timeline

The campus is moving the annual performance appraisal cycle for staff employees to conclude in March of each year. For 2015/16, staff employees will be evaluated in April 2016 for a nine-month review period (July 2015 through March 2016). Thereafter, employees will be evaluated April of each year for the 12 month period ending on March 31st.  The new appraisal cycle will apply to both represented and non-represented staff employees. 

The Chancellor’s Committee on Staff Compensation recommended changes to the performance appraisal rating scale, factors and forms. Those recommendations were approved and the new appraisal process/tools are currently in development. The new appraisal standards and tools will be introduced to staff in Spring 2016 and will apply to performance beginning with the 2016/2017 review cycle. Managers will be provided training in early 2016. 


UC Riverside Recognized for Health & Wellness by the American Heart Association

Taking care of ourselves has almost become a fad in itself — from dieting, to practicing yoga, even going on walks during lunch. Folks very often brag, and rightfully so, about their health-conscious activities and eating habits. And many companies — the University of California, Riverside included — are not blind to the trend. Read more


News Archive

Organizational Charts

Human Resources is responsible for managing the overall Organizational Chart process for the UCR campus. This includes providing a web location where the most up-to-date, standardized campus organizational charts can be found.  In addition, the process for submitting changes or updating Organizational Charts is provided.

Organizational Chart Change Request

If you would like to make a change or update your Organizational Chart, please visit the UCR Organizational Charts Change Request page. This page contains the information needed to assist you in processing your change request.

Campus Organizational Charts
    • Campus Organization Chart - Visio / (PDF)
    • Officers Reporting Directly to the Chancellor - Visio / (PDF)
    • Office of the Provost/Executive Vice Chancellor (P/EVC) - Visio / (PDF)
  • Bourns College of Engineering (BCOE) - Visio / (PDF)
  • Business & Administrative Services (BAS) - Visio / (PDF)
  • College of Humanities, Arts & Social Sciences (CHASS) - Visio/ (PDF)
  • College of Natural & Agricultural Sciences (CNAS) - Visio / (PDF)
  • Computing & Communications - Visio / (PDF)
  • Graduate Division - Visio / (PDF)
  • Graduate School of Education - Visio / (PDF)
  • Library - Visio / (PDF)
Name Title Telephone E-Mail

Jadie Lee

Associate Vice Chancellor (951)
Judy Abbey

Executive Assistant

Isidra Martinez

Financial Analyst


Affirmative Action

Elizabeth Sanchez Interim Director (951)
Angela Walker Administrative Assistant

Brittnee Agosto Equal Employment Opportunity Rep (951)
Erica Jiang Equal Employment Opportunity Rep (951)


Tami Brown Director of Compensation and Benefits (951)
Veronica Luna Benefits Analyst (951)
Alisha French Benefits Analyst (951)

Compensation & Benefits

Tami Brown Director of Compensation and Benefits  951)
Scott Biggerstaff Compensation Analyst (951)

Jennifer Poliakon Compensation Analyst (951)

Julie Abell Compensation Analyst (951)

Disability Management

Marsha Marion-Watson Disability Management Coordinator (951)

Education & Development

Kimberly Allain

Director of Staff Training & Development (951)

Seana Nunez-Grider

Trainer (951)


LMS Administrator    

Marilyn Parker

Trainer - LMS (951)

Kimberly Grossmann

Administrative Assistant Confidential (951)

Employee & Labor Relations

Elizabeth Sanchez Employee & Labor Relations Manager (951)
Jake Hurley Employee & Labor Relations Representative (951)
Alex Najera

Employee & Labor Relations Representative

Paul Wood

Employee & Labor Relations Representative

Patricia Torres HR Generalist (951)
Mariela Roberts Administrative Assistant Confidential (951)



Office Ergonomics Program


Policy & Communications

Mary White Principal HR Policy & Communication Analyst (951)
Jorge Sanchez HR Data, Program & Communications Specialist (951)

Staff Employment

Kai Buckner Interim Employment Manager (951)
Stephanie Davies Employment Representative (951)
Emma Geach Employment Representative

Julia Franco Employment Representative

Loren Bacallo Employment Representative


 UC Path

Heidie Rhodes UC Path HR Implementation Manager (951)
Kerean Povich HR Project Lead (951)
Rebecca Hutchins Principal HR Business Analyst (951)


Julie Chobdee Benefits Analyst - Wellness (951)


Ping Wu Benefits Analyst - Occupation Wellness (951)

Workers' Compensation

Nini Furst Benefits Analyst - Workers' Compensation (951)

Workplace Health & Wellness

Marsha Marion-Watson

Workplace Health & Wellness Manager

Julie Chobdee Benefits Analyst - Wellness (951)
Nini Furst Benefits Analyst - Workers' Compensation (951)
Ping Wu Benefits Analyst - Occupation Wellness (951)
Kathy Mosley Administrative Assistant Confidential (951) 827-2336



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