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Chancellor's Campus Conversation - Human Resources

Human Resources is proud to have participated in the Chancellor's Campus Conversations to discuss current opportunities and challenges facing the UCR Campus.  Learn more

2017 Staff Engagement Survey

UC is conducting the biennial Staff Engagement Survey to learn more about non-represented (policy-covered) staff impressions about working at the university. A story will be posted this week on UC Net.

During the week of May 15, a representative sample of staff members will
receive an email from Willis Towers Watson, a firm conducting the survey on UC’s behalf, with an invitation to take the survey. This is not spam, so please do not delete the email invitation.

I encourage you to complete the survey, if you should receive it. It is an opportunity to get direct feedback from individual staff that will help shape how we will all work at UC Riverside.

The survey was developed by the Council of University of California Staff Assemblies (CUCSA) in collaboration with Systemwide Human Resources’ Employee Relations department and Willis Towers Watson.

The survey aims to help provide insight into the views, experiences and needs of policy-covered staff on topics related to working at UC Riverside, including career development, performance management and workplace collaboration.

This is the third staff engagement survey; the last survey was in 2015.  By comparing the results of the past surveys, we will get insight into areas where progress has been made and areas that need further effort and focus.

The survey is completely confidential. Individual responses to the survey and personally identifying information will not be shared with UC.

Note that union-represented employees will not participate in the survey because UC receives their feedback through their union representatives during the collective bargaining process.

Should you have questions about the survey, please contact

In 2015, HR and Staff Assembly partnered to share the results with the campus, and to develop action plans to address areas of concern. We look forward to working together again this year. Thank you in advance for your participation.

Jadie Lee
Associate Vice Chancellor, Human Resources

Please click here to see the previous survey results.

Secova Family Member Eligibility Reverification Process

Due to call waiting and document processing times, the deadline for submission of documents has been extended to June 1, 2017.

Secova, Inc., working with UC Human Resources, is reaching out to certain employees and retirees to reverify the eligibility of some dependents for health and welfare benefits. They have reached out to employees who enrolled a spouse, domestic partner, grandchild or legal ward prior to December. 31, 2014 and who previously provided appropriate documentation to verify the family member’s eligibility. Learn more

Human Resources: Finding the Best Candidates for UCR

The talent acquisition team is also available to assist other campus human resource managers with any hiring processes.

UC Riverside’s human resources’ talent acquisition team is available to departments across campus to assist in recruiting and landing the best candidates for open positions. Learn more

Formal Review/Employee Comment: Employee-Initiated Reduction In Time (ERIT) Program

The University of California is proposing to renew the Employee-Initiated Reduction In Time (ERIT) Program, which provides the opportunity for eligible career staff (except Senior Management Group members) to voluntarily reduce their appointment percentage and corresponding pay. The renewal of the program will be in effect on July 1, 2017. Clean and redline versions of the proposed renewal of the ERIT program and frequently asked questions are posted on the UCnet website. Please review the proposed renewal and forward any questions or comments to Mary White at or extension 2-2622 by May 19, 2017. 

Staff Performance Management Process

As we complete our first annual appraisal cycle utilizing UCR's new Performance Management process for staff employees, Human Resources invites you to provide feedback and recommendations to improve the process for the future year. Specifically, we would like to know about what worked well, what did not, which parts of the process require refining, and which parts should be eliminated and/or replaced. We welcome your feedback via email at, and/or by attending one of the open forums in May. Learn more

Formal Review/Employee Comment: Personnel Policy for Staff Members (PPSM) - 3: Types of Appointment

The University of California is proposing revisions to Personnel Policy for Staff Members (PPSM) - 3: Types of Appointment, which applies to staff employees in the Professional & Support Staff, and Managers & Senior Professionals personnel groups, and to Senior Management Group members. The proposed revisions will combine PPSM-3 with PPSM-24 (Per Diem Positions) and PPSM-61 (Release During the Probationary Period or from Limited Casual/Restricted, and Floater Positions) in order to have all relevant language in one policy. Clean and redline versions of the proposed policy are posted on the UCnet website. Please review the proposed renewal and forward any questions or comments to Mary White at or extension 2-2622 by May 18, 2017.

Employee's Guide to UCRs New Performance Management Process

As the performance year comes to a close on March 31, 2017, you will be asked to complete a self-appraisal and participate in the performance review process. To assist you in using UCR's new performance management tools, Human Resources has developed an e-learning presentation entitled Employee's Guide to UCRs New Performance Management Process. The e-learning presentation will allow you to listen and view the Performance Management webinar at your convenience. Click here to view the complete presentation. 

Frequently asked questions for University employees and students about possible federal immigration enforcement actions on UCR property

Charles F. Robinson, General Counsel and Vice President of Legal Affairs at the University of California, has issued the FAQs for members of the University of California community, who are concerned about immigration enforcement actions occurring across the country and have asked about the possibility that enforcement actions could occur at UC. This document responds to frequently asked questions and provides information about how to respond in such a situation.  Learn more

UC Learning Center Learning Management System

Upgrade coming in Summer 2017

We are pleased to announce that the University will be updating our Learning Management System (LMS), known as the UC Learning Center. The UC Learning Center enables access to required training and additional online and in-person development activities for all staff, faculty and students at UCR. The upgrade is currently scheduled for the end July.

Stay tuned for additional details.

Statement in support of transgender members of the UC community

Office of the President

The University of California, in accordance with state law and in keeping with its own principles of nondiscrimination, will continue to ensure that its transgender students, faculty and staff have unrestricted access to restrooms that conform to their gender identities. We are heartened to hear that protecting all students, including those in the LGBTQ community, remains a stated priority for the Department of Education.

Revised PPSM-21 Selection and Appointment Policy

The revised Personnel Policies for Staff Members (PPSM), PPSM-21 Selection and Appointment policy was released by the Office of the President on Friday, February 3, 2017 and is available on the HR Personnel Policies and Local Procedures website page for you to use as a source of information. The revisions include expanded content on background checks, requirements of a background check for a final candidate recommended for hire, and clarification of existing sections in the policy. If you have questions regarding PPSM-21, please send an email to

President Napolitano's Letter on UC Mandated Training

Managers will be required to make the UC Cyber Security Awareness training course an annual goal for policy-covered staff who access UC computers or systems. Compliance will be reflected in the written performance review as "met/not met," and noncompliance will impact an individual's merit award. Click here to read more information.

News Archive

Organizational Charts

Human Resources is responsible for managing the overall Organizational Chart process for the UCR campus. This includes providing a web location where the most up-to-date, standardized campus organizational charts can be found.  In addition, the process for submitting changes or updating Organizational Charts is provided.

Organizational Chart Change Request

If you would like to make a change or update your Organizational Chart, please visit the UCR Organizational Charts Change Request page. This page contains the information needed to assist you in processing your change request.

Campus Organizational Charts





Jadie Lee

Associate Vice Chancellor (951)
Judy Abbey

Executive Assistant

Isidra Martinez

Financial Analyst

Ivette Ocampo

HR Generalist


Equal Employment & Affirmative Action

Nicole Butts Director of Equal Employment and Affirmative Action (951)
Angela Walker Administrative Assistant

Brittnee Meitzenheimer Equal Employment and Affirmative Action Rep (951)
Vacant Equal Employment & Affirmative Action Coordinator    
Tina Curry Equal Employment & Affirmative Action Compliance Specialist

Olga Snopok Equal Employment & Affirmative Action Data Analyst



John-Stephen Henderson Director of Compensation and Benefits (951)
Tina Rodriguez Benefits Lead (951)
Veronica Luna Benefits Analyst (951)
Alisha French Benefits Analyst (951)
Kimberly Grossmann Administrative Assistant Confidential (951)

Total Compensation

John-Stephen Henderson Director of Compensation and Benefits (951)
Scott Biggerstaff Compensation Analyst (951)

Jennifer Poliakon Compensation Analyst (951)

Kimberly Grossmann Administrative Assistant Confidential (951)

Disability Management

Marsha Marion-Watson Disability Management Coordinator (951)

Employee & Labor Relations

Elizabeth Sanchez Director of Employee & Labor Relations (951)
Alex Najera

Employee & Labor Relations Representative

Paul Wood

Employee & Labor Relations Representative

Kristin Branson Employee & Labor Relations Representative (951)
Lisa Dye Employee & Labor Relations Representative (951)
Mariela Roberts Administrative Assistant Confidential (951)


Clyde Blackwelder



Policy & Communications

Mary White Principal HR Policy & Communication Analyst (951)
Jorge Sanchez HR Data, Program & Communications Specialist (951)

Employee and Organizational Development

Kimberly Allain

Director of Employee & Organizational Development (951)

Seana Nunez-Grider

Trainer (951)

Michelle Elrod

Principal Learning & Development Consultant (951)

Marilyn Parker

LMS Administrator (951)

Michelle Knighton

Administrative Assistant Confidential (951)

Talent Acquisition & Diversity Outreach

Quincy Kinsey Director of Talent Acquisition & Diversity Outreach (951)
Kai Buckner Employment Representative (951)
Stephanie Davis Employment Representative (951)
Emma Geach Employment Representative

Paul Pena Employment Representative



Heidie Rhodes UCPath HR Implementation Manager (951)
Rebecca Hutchins HR Project Lead (951)
Puja Pannu UCPath Communication Lead (951)
Paul Pena UCPath Recruitment Coordinator (951)
Loretta Vandivier Communications Specialist

Llyle Morgan Organizational Change Manager

Cheryl Diermyer Principal Instructional Designer (951)
Lora Lopez Organizational Change Liaison

Dora Rubio Financial Process Trainer

Shannon Minter Principal HR Business Analyst

Angelique Juarez UCPath eLearning Training Developer

Kathleen Cool UCPath Principal Trainer

Krista Goodman Interim Communication Lead

Nohemy Perez UCPath Principal HR Business Analyst

Lorena Velasquez UCPath SME

Brianda Girgus Administrative Assistant Confidential (951)

Return to Work

Shelly Frohrip Return to Work / ADA Coordinator



Julie Chobdee Benefits Analyst - Wellness (951)
Nicole Collins Wellness Program Specialist (951)


Ed Marchall Occupational Wellness Specialist (951)

Workers' Compensation

Nini Furst Benefits Analyst - Workers' Compensation (951)

Workplace Health & Wellness

Marsha Marion-Watson

Workplace Health & Wellness Manager

Julie Chobdee Benefits Analyst - Wellness (951)
Nini Furst Benefits Analyst - Workers' Compensation (951)
Clyde Blackwelder Ergonomist (951)
Nicole Collins Wellness Program Specialist (951)
Ed Marchall Occupational Wellness Specialist

Kathy Mosley Administrative Assistant Confidential (951)



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