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Absence from Work Leaves

UCR staff employees are eligible for a variety family friendly policies and programs. Paid and unpaid leaves of absence may be granted for a variety of reasons as noted in the table below.

If you need time away from work because… You may be eligible for leave as described in the following section(s):

You want to take time off for rest, relaxation, renewal, or other personal reasons


You are ill or have a doctor’s appointment

Sick Leave , Family and Medical Leave, Vacation Leave

You become disabled

Sick Leave, Family and Medical Leave, Vacation Leave

You have a work‐related injury or illness

Sick Leave, Family and Medical Leave, Extended Sick Leave

You are pregnant

Pregnancy Disability Leave, Sick Leave , Family and Medical Leave

You have had a baby, adopted a child, or become a foster parent

Pregnancy Disability Leave, Family and Medical Leave, Parental Bonding Leave

You have to attend a school conference or activity involving your child

School Suspension Leave, School Activities Leave

A family member or member of your household is ill

Sick Leave, Family and Medical Leave

You have suffered from domestic violence or a crime

Victims of Domestic Violence or Sexual Assault Leave, Victims of Serious or Violent Felonies Leave, Sick Leave

You are donating blood, platelets, bone marrow, or an organ

Administrative Leave, Family and Medical Leave

You are serving in a branch of the military or other uniformed service of the United States

Military Leave

Your spouse or domestic partner is on leave from deployment during a period of military conflict

Military Spouse/Domestic Partner Leave

You need to attend to a qualifying exigency for a spouse, domestic partner, child or parent who is a covered military member on active military duty or has been notified of an impending call or order toactive military duty

Family and Medical Leave - Qualifying Exigency Leave

Your family member or next of kin who is a covered servicemember is undergoing medical treatment, recuperation or therapy for a serious injury or illness

Family and Medical Leave - Military Caregiver Leave

You are serving as a volunteer firefighter, reserve peace officer, or emergency rescue personnel

Voluntary Civil Service Leave

You are going to vote in an election or primary, or are serving as an election official

Voting Leave, Service as an Election Official

You have jury duty

Jury Duty Leave

You are a witness in an administrative or judicial proceeding

Witness Duty Leave

You are attending a University function

Leave for University Functions

The campus or UC location is closed due to an emergency or curtailment of operations

Curtailment Leave

You have suffered a catastrophic casualty loss due to events such as a terrorist attack, fire, or other natural disaster, including severe damage or destruction to your primary residence

Catastrophic Leave Donation Program

You need to care for a catastrophically ill or injured family member or other person residing in your household and have exhausted all accrued paid leave

Catastrophic Leave Donation Program

Someone passes away

Bereavement Leave

You want to donate a portion of your accrued vacation leave to another University employee

Catastrophic Leave Donation Program

You want to participate in an adult literacy program

Literacy Leave

You want to participate in an alcohol or drug rehabilitation program

Rehabilitation Leave

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