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Special Concerns About Protecting Your Child

Incidents of physical and sexual abuse in child care settings are rare occurrences. The vast majority of child abuse takes place at home by relatives or friends - not in child care. However, these stories play on our deepest fears about protecting our children. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee that abuse will not occur. Here are some suggestions for minimizing the risk:

  • Be sure you have unannounced visiting privileges in the program you enroll in and do visit at various times of the day if you can. The same is true if you employ a sitter in your home.
  • Share any concerns with the provider and others in the program. Get to know other parents and talk with them if you have concerns.
  • Have an agreement with your provider that they will inform you of field trips or other events that will take children off of the premises.
  • Acquaint yourself with any other people involved in the child care program: assistants, family members, and neighbors.
  • Tell the provider who has permission to pick up your child and respect that arrangement by letting the provider know ahead of time about any change of plans.
  • Obtain detailed background information, history of complaints, and regulatory violations on child care homes/centers, calling the San Gorgonio District Office-Community Care Licensing in Riverside at (951)782-4200.

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