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Child care can be quite costly. This is particularly true of infant care since infants must be cared for in very small groups with the largest teacher to child ratios (1:4). Be assured, however, that as your child gets older the cost of care is likely to go down. Programs also vary considerably in how expensive they are. Before you contact an individual program, you may want to check to find out what the market rates are in your area for the kind of care that you need. There are some publicly funded programs available for low-income families. Talk with your local resource and referral agency about eligibility for and location of subsidized programs. Since these programs have long waiting lists, try to apply well in advance of your planned enrollment.

You may wish to utilize UC’s Dependent Care Assistance Program (DepCare). DepCare allows you to pay certain dependent care expenses on a pretax, salary reduction basis in accordance with the Internal Revenue Code.


You should consider the following insurance issues:

  • Is the provider insured for liability?
  • Does the provider carry adequate automobile insurance if a car is used in the program?
  • Is your own insurance coverage adequate to provide for an in-home child care provider or play group situation?


It is a good idea to sign contracts that clearly spell out the expectations of both parties involved. Most child care centers and family day care providers will have written contracts.

Here are some key questions to ask prospective providers about their fee structure and contract provisions:

  • Are there different rates depending upon whether you pay by the day or month?
  • Is there a separate/higher cost for "overtime?" (late fees?)
  • Do you pay for days when your child is not there (sick, vacation, holidays)?
  • What does the fee include (meals, snacks, supplies, diapers, etc.)?
  • Is parent participation expected? Are there discounts for parents assisting in the program?
  • Are there fee reductions for low-income parents?
  • Are there fee reductions for placing more than one child from a family in the program?
  • Will rates go down as your child gets older?
  • Are you expected to pay in advance or at the close of a week/month?
  • What happens if the provider is sick, has a personal emergency, or plans a vacation?
  • What notice is required to leave the program or end the arrangement?
  • Under what conditions will your deposit be refunded?
  • What notice will be given if the center or provider goes out of business?

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