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Financial Balance

Value to Staff & Faculty

In response to the impact the current economic climate is having on our campus community, a variety of financial balance informational resources are being provided to inform employees on some common strategies for future investing, saving, and spending ….and ultimately enjoy better financial health.

It has been found that the practice of teaching basic home financing and home budgeting is far too often overlooked. Regardless of one's socio-economic status, budgeting is a challenge. It is imperative that we enhance our financial IQ by educating ourselves on how to set up our own personal budget, including identifying; daily savings opportunities, reasonable retirement savings contributions, and a practical overall financial plan. 

  • Recent studies have revealed that our personal financial health practices affect our individual health status.
  • 65 million American households will not be able to achieve one or more of their financial goalsbecause they haven't developed a financial plan to do so. During these tough economic times, it's more important than ever to think strategically about one's financial well-being.  

The 10 Steps to Financial Wellness

In this easy-to-read book, Jeff Rubleski has combined his years of successful and extensive experiences in wellness, employee benefits, education and health care to give the reader a road map to achieving long-term financial wellness. We now live in an era where personal responsibility and proper individual planning are key ingredients to financial success. This book shows the reader how to make solid choices involving debt management, budgeting, spending, education, and investing. Inside The 10 Steps To Financial Wellness you'll find:

  • Step 1 Review Your Current Financial Situation
  • Step 2 Develop Yourself and Your Career Options Will Follow
  • Step 3 Always Live Beneath Your Financial Means
  • Step 4 Mastering Debt
  • Step 5 Understand and fully Utilize Employer-Sponsored Benefits
  • Step 6 Ideas for Saving and Investing
  • Step 7 Insurance-Protecting What You Have
  • Step 8 Planning For Long-Term Goals
  • Step 9 Seek WIse Counsel
  • Step 10 Tying It All Together

Please contact Work/Life to request a copy of this book.

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