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Talent Acquisition Contacts

Team Member

Sinclair Dickerson Director, Talent Acquisition & Diversity Outreach (951) 827-2673
Emma Geach Talent Acquisition Consultant (951) 827-3575
Paul Pena Talent Acquisition Consultant (951) 827-1430
Marianna Acosta Talent Acquisition Coordinator (951) 827-5058

Job Seeker Contacts

For applicant inquiries for staff positions, email us at

Client Assignments

  • Talent Acquisition Client Assignments
    Talent Acquisition
    ORG 10 Graduate School of Education Emma Geach
    ORG 11 Bourns College of Engineering (BCOE) Emma Geach
    ORG 12 College of Humanities, Art & Social Sciences (CHASS) Emma Geach
    ORG 13 School of Business Emma Geach
    ORG 14 College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences (CNAS)
    ORG 414 – ANR News & Outreach in Spanish (CE-CNAS)
    Emma Geach
    ORG 15 University Extension Paul Pena
    ORG 16 University Libraries Paul Pena
    ORG 17 Planning & Budget Emma Geach
    ORG 30 ORG 30 Facilities/Planning/Design/Construction Paul Pena
    ORG 18 Academic Senate Emma Geach
    ORG 20 Chancellor Emma Geach
    ORG 21 Information Technology Services Paul Pena
    ORG 22 Graduate Division Emma Geach
    ORG 24 Vice Chancellor – Research and Economic Development Paul Pena
    ORG 25 Vice Chancellor – Student Affairs Emma Geach
    ORG 26 Vice Chancellor – University Advancement Emma Geach
    ORG 27 Affiliated Agencies Emma Geach
    ORG 31

    Provost / Executive Vice Chancellor (EVC)

    Emma Geach
    ORG 33 ORG 33-Enrollment Services Emma Geach
    ORG 35 Palm Desert Emma Geach
    ORG 36 Undergraduate Education Emma Geach
    ORG 37 School of Public Policy Emma Geach
    ORG 38 UCR Intercollegiate Athletics

    Paul Pena

    ORG 39 Business and Administrative Services (BAS) Paul Pena
    ORG 40 School of Medicine (SOM) Emma Geach
    ORG 530 UC Mexus Paul Pena