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Annual Performance Evaluations

Performance evaluations will be conducted annually by the direct supervisor for each SMG member.  Goals and objectives will be established for each employee holding a position which has been designated as a participant at the commencement of or during the performance period. Goals and objectives are to clarify and delineate accountability, create opportunity for the individual to add value to the work of the unit and/or campuses, be aligned with higher level objectives and strategies established by University leadership, and encourage growth and development of the individual. Performance will be measured relative to the attainment of the stated goals and objectives, and significant accomplishments related to the strategic goals and objectives of the University. UC Policy 7702 – Senior Administrator Performance Management Review Process and this frequently asked questionsdocument provide additional information.  The forms to be used during this annual process are provided below:

Five-Year Senior Leadership Development Assessment (LDA)Process

A Leadership Development Assessment will be conducted once every five years. The purpose of this assessment is to provide the Senior Management Group (SMG) member with feedback from a broader perspective than is usual with an annual performance evaluation. This is a managerial coaching and development exercise, rather than an evaluation of achievement toward specific goals. Individuals who have direct and specific knowledge of a SMG member’s performance and contribution will be consulted to collect their input and feedback relevant to the SMG member’s performance. Those consulted should include individuals, as appropriate, from among the following constituents: the Academic Senate, academic unit heads, staff (including subordinates), deans, other administrators within the University, and other pertinent external groups. Our local LDA Administrative Guidelines provides guidance on our campus process.

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