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Employee Relations can assist managers and department heads in identifying ways to enhance operational effectiveness, improve teamwork, and align structural and human relations components.

What is an organizational assessment?

This is a planned systematic review of an organization’s processes, work environment, and organizational structure With the constant changing work environment, there is a periodic need to review how jobs are defined, departments organized, processes structured, and problems managed.

The goal is to assist managers in implementing effective action plans and appropriate solutions toward achievement of organizational objectives.

Who leads the assessment?

The assessment is a collaborative process and typically includes HR staff, representatives from outside the department, and subject matter experts.

How is the assessment accomplished?

The scope and purpose of the assessment will help define how it is accomplished. The team will explore the organization's outcome by reviewing the appropriate department:

  • strategic plans, mission statement, goals and objectives
  • documents, such as position descriptions, organizational charts, and operating procedures

Interviews with staff members and consultations with clients and departmental service providers are also conducted, as necessary.

What are the results of an assessment?

A written report with a set of recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the organization, as well as a suggested implementation plan, is generally submitted to the individual who requested the assessment.

Initiating an Assessment

To discuss how to initiate an organizational assessment, contact Employee Relations.

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