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Salary Program - 99 Student Assistant

99 - Student Assistant

The information presented below is a summary of the details contained in the salary plan announcement. This information is not intended to replace the applicable salary program announcement.

(Open Range Salary Structure)


Fiscal year 2016-2017 in effect.

Range Adjustment

Effective January 1, 2016:
Increase to the minimum and maximum of the open ranges.

Student I minimum increased to $10.00 / hr.
Student II minimum increased to $10.50 / hr.


Effective March 1, 2008:
A merit increase of up to $.75 per hour may be given once during a fiscal year to student employees after the completion of at least two quarters in the department in which performance has been satisfactory or better. The department determines the amount of merit.

The following are guidelines for merit increase amounts:
Satisfactory Performance - up to $.20 / hour;
More Than Satisfactory - up to $.35 / hour;
Superior - up to $.75 / hour.

Staff Recognition Award Program

Incentive and Development Award Program funding of 0.89% is available for distribution to employees.

The California state minimum wage is $10.00/hour. To ensure our compliance with the minimum wage law, UCR's salary range minimums that pull below $10.00/hour were adjusted upward to $10.00/hour effective December 20, 2015, which was the beginning of the biweekly pay period that included January 1, 2016. The job  families impacted by this change are Student I and Student II titles.

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