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UC Riverside strives to establish its total compensation to be competitive with the local employers.  When evaluating the competitiveness of its total compensation package, consideration is given to:

  1. the availability of funding,
  2. recruitment and retention difficulties,
  3. internal salary alignment, and
  4. market practices and other determinants.

Pay for Performance

One of the principles of the compensation program is to promote a relationship between pay and performance.

In support of this principle, the merit program is designed to reward employees for meritorious job performance. Merit increases reflect how well an employee performs and are not automatically granted.

In addition to the merit program, the Staff Appreciation and Recognition (STAR) plan for Staff was developed to recognize exceptional individual or team performance, recognizing those behaviors most important to organizational success.

Total Compensation

Total compensation for staff employees include all forms of cash (i.e., salary and wages, shift differential, and on-call payments and awards) as well as health and welfare benefits, retirement and savings plans, and employee programs and services.

Salary Surveys & External Comparisons

UCR participates in and reviews a number of salary surveys to obtain information about salaries paid in the competitive market. Some of the surveys used include: Western Management Group, William M. Mercer, Watson Wyatt, etc.

Each salary survey contains a different mix of organizations, industries and geographic locations. The determination to use salary data from national, state, regional or local surveys is made based on the type and level of position as well as recruitment data. 

To the extent possible, UCR jobs and/or classifications are matched to the salary survey based on responsibilities, not merely classification titles.

Internal Comparisons

Salary comparisons are made to similar positions within UCR.  Comparisons can occur at different levels, on a systemwide, campuswide, organization-wide, and department basis. 

The determination to make salary comparisons on a systemwide basis is generally reserved for management level positions.

Role of the Supervisor

Supervisors are involved in communicating the compensation program to their employees. The role of the supervisor encompasses the following:

  • Understand the components of the compensation program and how it works.
  • Communicate the program parameters to staff and ensure that employees know their job titles, salary range, and responsibilities.
  • Ensure positions are appropriately classified, review positions periodically, and initiate a position review through Human Resources when significant changes to the position have occurred
  • Maintain an ongoing dialogue about performance expectations and objectives and conduct formal performance appraisals annually.
  • Make salary adjustments within the campuswide guidelines and procedures to recognize meritorious performance, correct salary inequities, or compensate for temporary assignments.

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