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Information concerning salaries and compensation, ranging from classification-related activities to salary reviews can be found at this site, such as:

  • Reclassification process for filled and vacant positions
  • UC Series Concepts and Specifications that create the structure for job families and the levels within each job family
  • Salary plans/wage agreements for nine staff bargaining units and the non-represented employee groups
  • Merit program information
  • Recognition award program information
  • Senior Management Group (SMG) compensation information
  • Overtime information
  • Other compensation-related actions


2018-19 UCR Merit Increases

UCR will implement a 3% merit based salary program for non-represented staff for FY2018-19. Increases will be retroactively effective to July 1, 2018 for monthly and biweekly paid staff. The anticipated payout date reflecting this merit increase is August 22nd for biweekly paid staff and August 31st for monthly paid staff.

In President Napolitano’s communication to UC Chancellors regarding this year’s salary program, she continues to emphasize that salary increases must be based on individual performance and contribution. UCR has been working to create a consistent culture across the campus that provides merit based pay as a mechanism to recognize and incentivize excellent performance and contributions. Based on input from campus workgroups, we have continued to refine our performance appraisal rating process to measure performance against objective behavioral standards and achievement of pre-established goals. Each organizational unit has been asked to calibrate performance ratings for consistent application, in order to recognize and reward truly exceptional work.

For more specific instructions regarding this year's implementation, please review the Merit Program Instructions to Organizational Units.

Mandatory Workplace Posting - California Minimum Wage Poster

Effective January 1, 2019, the California Minimum Wage will increase from $11.00 per hour to $12.00 per hour.  In addition to the UC Fair Wages/Fair Work Poster, the 2019 state minimum wage notice must be clearly posted where employee notices are displayed.  Click here to view/print the notice.

Effective January 1, 2019, the Minimum Wage for California will Increase from $11.00/Hour to $12.00/Hour

On January 1, 2019, the California state minimum wage will increase to $12.00/hour. To ensure our compliance with the minimum wage law, UCR’s salary range minimums that fell below $12.00/hour will be adjusted upward to $12.00/hour beginning with the bi-weekly pay period that includes January 1, 2019. The job families impacted by this change are the Student 1 and 2 titles.

Title/Title Code Current Range New Range
Student 1, TC 4922 $11.00 - $16.00 $12.00 - $17.00
Student 2, TC 4921 $11.50 - $31.50 $12.50 - $32.50

In addition to individuals in the student Title Codes, all individuals in a By Agreement (BYA) DOS must also be paid a minimum of $12.00 for every hour worked effective January 1, 2019 All organizations should review individuals being paid, and ensure that all payments comply with the new minimum wage requirements.

The UCPath processed the minimum wage changes for student Title Codes 1 and 2. Increases for incumbents in the Student 1 category who were below the $12.00 range were updated. Increases for incumbents in the Student 2 category who were below the $12.50 range were will appear on the January bi-weekly and February monthly paychecks. 

If you have questions about the increase of the minimum wage on January 1, 2019, please contact Scott Biggerstaff at or Jennifer Poliakon at

New Staff and Academic Personnel Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Pay Transition

The U.S Department of Labor (DOL) has approved a change in the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) regarding overtime eligibility. Effective December 1, 2016, the revised rule increases the minimum salary threshold for exempt employees from $455 per week (approximately $23,660 per year) to $913 per week (approximately $47,476 per year). As a result, all staff and academic personnel, including rehired retirees and part-time employees, who do not qualify for the professional teaching exemption and who earn less than $913 per week, will be designated as non-exempt and paid on an hourly basis. For a complete overview of the FLSA changes and how it will impact your paycheck click here or to access the frequently asked questions click here

Pay Transition Timeline:
  • The transition from exempt to non-exempt pay will occur on November 20, 2016, the start of the biweekly pay cycle that covers December 1, 2016>
  • Exempt employees who are converted to non-exempt status will transition from monthly pay cycles to bi-weekly pay cycles
  • >The biweekly conversion dates are:


Transition Assistance

To ease the transition to biweekly pay, the University is offering a Transition Assistance Vacation Cash Out Program. Non-represented academic and staff employees will be allowed to cash out up to 80 hours of accrued vacation. The deadline to submit the application form to payroll is Thursday, November 10, 2016. Click here to download the application form. The UC Emergency Loan Program is also available for employees. For more information on the UC Emergency Loan Progam click here.


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