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Moving Expense Definitions

Household Goods
  • Transportation of Household Goods
    • The employee or appointee must own the household effects at the time of the move. Household goods and personal effects are limited to one household move per appointee/employee. Move must be completed within one year of the date an appointee/employee first reports to the new job.
    • Transportation household goods do not include:
      • Assembly and disassembly of unusual items such as swing sets, swimming pools, satellite dishes, hot tubs, and storage sheds.
      • Animals (except for household pets consisting of domesticated animals normally kept or permitted in a residence) or the costs associated with kenneling of pets. 
      • Recreational vehicles- boats, kayaks, canoes, airplanes, camping vehicles, snow machines, or jet skis.
      • Plants.
      • Canned, frozen, and bulk food items.
      • Belongings that are not the property of the appointee or the appointee’s immediate family.
      • Building supplies/materials of any kind, farm equipment and firewood.
  • Packing Household Goods
    • Packing and crating the appointee’s/employees household goods at the old location are reimbursable. Unpacking and uncrating the household goods at the new location are reimbursable.
  • Storing and Insuring Household Goods
    • Conditions for insurance costs include the actual and reasonable expenses related to insurance for the household goods and personal effects, while in transit, only if incurred within any 30-day period after removal from the primary residence. See the Moving Reimbursement Qualification Matrix for further qualifications.
  • Driving or shipping automobiles
    • Actual and reasonable expenses related to moving two personal motor vehicles per household—which includes motorcycles but prohibits any recreational vehicles as listed above in the Transportation of Household Goods section. Vehicles may be shipped or driven. If driven, the mileage driven will be reimbursed as published in Business and Finance Bulletin G-28
  • Disconnecting and connecting utilities
    • Reimbursement does not apply to refundable deposits associated with these expenses. 
Travel Expenses
  • Travel expenses for appointee and members of the individual's immediate family/household.
    • Members of the household may travel separately. Transportation must consist of a single trip that does not exceed the cost of air coach transportation.
  • Meal Costs
  • Lodging Costs (overnight)
    • Lodging costs while in route to the new primary residence, including one day’s lodging in the area of the former primary residence if the residence is not suitable for occupancy due to the move, and one day’s lodging on the date of arrival to the new primary residence may be reimbursed in accordance with Business and Finance Bulletin G-28
    • Lodging costs can be lowered when checking for billing arrangements with UCR affiliated hotels
  • Passport Expenses
    • Passport expenses include a filing fee and costs of photos for a non-U.S. Citizen appointee when incurred with the commencement of work in the United States
Temporary Housing
  • Temporary housing and meals(temporary)
    • These are the costs for furnished temporary lodging, including reasonable residential parking fees for up to a certain amount of days, and meals for the first 30 days of residence in temporary lodging, if the lodging does not have a cooking facility.
Extra Relocation Services
  • House hunting Trips
    • The actual and reasonable expenses associated with looking for new living accommodations for the appointee and his or her spouse or domestic partner for up to two trips each in accordance with Business and Finance Bulletin G-28.
    • These include: cost of transportation, meals, and lodging
  • Return Trips to Former Residence
    • The actual and reasonable costs may be reimbursed if an appointee/ employee needs to return to his or her former primary residence to help with the move or if the appointee/ employee has been separated from household members for more than one month.  Up to two trips may be reimbursed in accordance with Business and Finance Bulletin, G-28, and may include:
      • Include the cost of transportation (e.g. coach airfare, car rental, parking fees, tolls, gas)
    • Note: Standard mileage rate applies when personal vehicle is used.
  • Professional Relocation Services
    • Actual and reasonable expenses related to professional relocation services which may provide local destination information, home sale or search assistance, and location of temporary lodging.

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