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Special Considerations

During the recruitment process, special circumstances may occur affecting the review and consideration of applicants resulting in a deviation from the standard recruitment process. Additionally, collective bargaining agreements contain specific provisions with respect to filling of bargaining unit positions. Special considerations are to be given to eligible applicants in the following categories:


  • Consideration should be given to eligible employees with recall rights within the hiring department prior to submitting a job requisition
  • For information on the recall process refer to Recall Guidelines

Preferential Rehire

Eligible preferential rehire candidates are to be considered before reviewing applications from other applicants. The following process is to be followed:

  1. Applicants exercising rights to preferential rehire will notify Staff Employment of the vacant career position(s) for which they would like to be considered
  2. Staff Employment will contact the hiring department who will place the recruitment process on hold
  3. Staff Employment will determine eligibility of preferential rehire applicants, including whether minimum requirements are met.
  4. If the preferential rehire applicant is eligible for the position, the hiring department will conduct an interview
  5. Reference checks are not to be completed for preferential rehires
  6. The hiring department will notify Staff Employment of the outcome of the interview. If the preferential rehire is a successful candidate, the hiring department will coordinate the creation of the offer letter with Staff Employment.
  7. If the preferential rehire is not determined to be qualified for the position, a written rationale for non-selection will be submitted by the hiring manager and forward to Staff Employment for review. Staff Employment will work with Labor Relations to review.
  8. Preferential rehire rights vary by bargaining unit. Refer to Preferential Rehire Guidelines for additional information

Campus Special Transfer Opportunity Program (C-Stop)

  • Allows organizational units to facilitate the placement of employees identified or confirmed for layoff into a vacant position which is outside the eligible employee's organizational unit
  • Details on the program elements may be viewed on the HR website under Supervisor Resources — C-Stop Program Guidelines.


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